Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ohkay. What's next?

Hello kawan-kawan.

I've been relaxing at home since coming back on the 5th.. or 6th I can't remember. =P

Being inactive for a long while has caused me to be very... slow in typing.


I went to Penang! My first trip with friends! =O

Oh, results were okay. I was hoping for something better but nevermind, i got what i deservedlah. Now I can start looking for jobs. Have to clear my PTPTN loan before even thinking of getting my own car (thank you PakWan for clearing my head).

Lying down while typing is making me lazylah.

I'll make a longer post next time k?

Or after next time.


  1. hehehe..

    look for a job ween!! the sooner the better then u can belanja me!

  2. eh cheh! you have to blanja me first alright?

    and hope you don't have to follow your parents back to Kelantan!

  3. this post proves that when we're busy with assignments and exams, we blog longer to procrastinate doing work. no more work liao.. blog oso short di. this is from a person who started her blog 2 days before end of sem exam =P =P

    blog longerla omg


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