Friday, June 12, 2009

Some things are better left unsaid.

At times I really wonder how many people actually read my blog..

And do they read it for fun, or to catch up with my life..

Or to be inspired.


* * *

I'm not so much bothered by what is happening, because if I do, I wouldn't use the blog to vent out my frustration. Instead I will go to the source and settle it.

But at times I feel no point to settle certain things, because, it's not worth settling. At all.

Now I'm not gonna go on and blab so that people will pity me and go, "Aww.. poor you, you must have had a rough time *sayang2*" because I know, I don't like to be pitied (got such word? lazy want to zoom through the dictionary).

My friends will surely not pity me if I screw up. They'll toughen me up, that's what they do.

So I'll just appreciate the good things that had happened and let the bad ones go away slowly.

* * *

I can't forgive someone so easily. But I don't blame them for not appreciating my efforts.

It's their rights.


* * *

No more buying thingsla!!

* * *

I watched Hannah Montana yesterday.


It's entertaining. And I won't hide the fact that I think The Climb is a very.. inspirational song.

Ain't about how fast you get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's The Climb.

It's not about your achievements or anything. But it's the process that you go through that makes you who you are right now.

* * *

Sorry not many things to blog aboutla. I know sure you all will be falling asleep anytime soon.


I'm done with rotting at homela.

Should go panjat gunung or something.

Or just apply for that damn position(s)la.

* * *

My postings will not be censored. The profanities will continued to be use. Not because it's cool or I'm copying someone or anything.

But it's the way I.. express myself.

* * *

So randomla this post. I'm laughing my ass off.

Hope you're all doing great! =D

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