Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm stuck.

It hit me just now that it's going to be almost 2 months since I sat for my last examination paper, and I can't remember what it was.

I have not been actively looking/searching/seeking for jobs, partially because I felt that I should laze around at home before getting myself busy again.

However, I realise that staying at home doesn't bring me any benefits other than expanding my waistline (eh, that's not a benefit) and draining my financial resources, although my dad still gives me allowance once in a while.

Flipping through 4 to 5 newspapers everyday, scanning aimlessly at job positions which might or might not suit me, pay me well, torture me.. yadayada you get the drift. It's getting very boring.

I could never bring myself to just compile my CV, job application letter and relevant documents into an attachment, and click "send". Or into an envelope, and drop it into the letterbox thingie.

I applaud to those brave souls that have gotten themselves interviewed, part-time jobs or even probational offers, and also to those who are doing other things such as saving the environment, travelling to places, camping etc. You guys so totally rock! (sounds familiar?)

I am so lame.

I need to solve something before I move on with my life. It's holding me down, and I can't break away from it.

I have identified the problem. Now I just need to solve it.

I want to move on.

Let me move on.

Even if it sounds lame to you.

running (driving) towards the light


  1. join raleigh. Ohohohoho!

    orrrrr.. yknow what.. i've been thinking for a really long time to bake something for the old folks home/orphanage in my area. the coming weekend maybe? it'll definitely be a productive/meaningful day!

  2. eh, that sounds like a good idea! :D


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