Monday, June 22, 2009

Tony Roma's Restaurant, Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara

Ahhhh. Back to food. :D Food is good.

After quite some time, me and EC managed to got ourselves some ribs for dinner. We had been planning on going to Tony Roma's for quite some time, although there were more good reviews on their overseas chains.

You see, Tony Roma's here does not serve pork ribs. So many would suggest either its Singapore or Bangkok chains. Now, if I were to have extra cash, of course I would get some cheap airplane tickets and fly off to either neighbouring countries, since I've never been outside Malaysia at all. I've only seen Thailand from Malaysia a few times.


Now, back to the topic. Ribs, ribs, ribs. Anybody can tell me what is wrong with barbecued ribs, which came from some huge ass cows, slathered with some kick-ass sauces, and grilled into orgasm-enhancing perfection?

Nothing wrong if you're a big-ass fan of ribs. Spare ribs lah, baby back ribsla.. macam-macam.

Anyways, we ordered Half Onion Loaf for starters, which was quite filling. Eventhough I damn like Onion Rings, too much of this will definitely fill you up in the wrong way! So beware, proceed with ordering if you're in a big group or if you're not planning to eat anything else. Taste-wise, I'm not sure if it was that phantastik.

For the mains, of course we chose to fatten ourselves with ribs. Full rack somemore.

Ribs with mashed potatoes and broccolis as sides

Although I appreciate the tenderness of the meat surrounding the browned bones, I could not help being put off by the dry bits (exposed to the heat more I guess). Therefore what I did was to drown them with sauces. Lots of them.

There are four sauces for you to eat with your ribs. Original, Honey Mustard, Spicy and Smoky. Both me and EC liked the Spicy one better than the Original (not too spicy, a little hint of tabasco in it) and personally I like the Smoky sauce too.

For drinks we had promotional 50-cents coffee (for a specific time period, I can't remember) and something which goes like Pina Strawberry Swirl thingie. I did not taste any strawberries in it unfortunately. Coconut-y, with bits of pineapples. Shouldn't order because it added to the filling-ness! :P

As a conclusion, I wouldn't say the food there is bad or anything, since they have other things to offer. I'll be back to try the other things I guess.



  1. Nak try makan Tony Roma's jugak ~~~

  2. oh no!
    the onion loaf thing, ya VERY filling.
    we ordered it once, first and last time hahaha

    i like their ribs =)
    but then hor, singapore pork ribs also ok ok only..

    never been to singapore ar?
    i didn't know.. next year we go k? k?
    during the sale!
    *kicks wonwon away*

  3. aiyah! shud have asked you before going there! heehee.. next time no more i guess.. want to try the kickin' shrimp!

    eh wait, i join you kick..
    *kicks EC away too*



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