Saturday, April 04, 2009

This final month

So this is it. The final month that I have been waiting for. The final month that I have been looking forward to. The end of my tertiary education..

..unless I plan to continue to postgraduate studieslah.

James told me to go back home and rest first, before deciding on anything. Yes, the RM10000 thingie is quite tempting, moreover I do not have to fork out money to pay for my postgrad fees. But it's only for the 1st 10000 applicants. So, siapa cepat dia dapat!

Definitely got a lot of people applying already.

So should I, or shouldn't I?

Work or study?

According to my cousin's theory, she chose to pursue her Masters because she did not want all the orang kampung to gossip around and keep on asking her when she will ever get employed, if after her graduation, she failed to get a joblah.

Smart also. Better study than stay at home tanam anggur.

If I do continue, I'll be doing coursework instead of research. Currently offered in my uni is Master of Science (Aquaculture) and Master of Management (Integrated Coastal Zone Management). The latter sounds more exciting! :P

Anyways, my finalest final examination timetable:

SFZ3404 Introduction to Instrumentation - 07/04/2009 (fuckla, 3 more days???!)
SFZ4601 Computational Physics - 08/04/2009 (fuckla, 4 more days???!)
SFZ4205 Physical Acoustics - 13/04/2009
BBA3203 English for Occupational Purposes - 16/04/2009 (quite scaryla this paper, never had tests before)
SFZ4404 Advanced Instrumentation - 21/04/2009 (so much to read so much to read)

And after the ones above:

Final Year Project Presentations - 26/04/2009 and 27/04/2009 (I should be on the second day)
Thesis real copies submission for hardcover binding - 31/04/2009

and then I'm FREE!

You hear me?


at last.. :'D

If all turns out well, should be going traveling to Penang and Perak for some awesome and delicious food and Taiping zoo!

I can't wait!


Now off to tackle the notes for the paper due in 3 days.

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  1. GOOD LUCK WeeNeeBeeNeeBOOOO!!!!
    Faster come back laaaaaaaaa haiyohhhhh... SPW keeps bringing us to these warehouse/clearance sale thingies.. The little devil is making Anushia and I spend too much!! We cannot go down alone!! Must drag you along... Heh heh heh


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