Thursday, April 09, 2009

Because of you.

I had just finished two papers of my finalest final examination, and I tell you what, I am so (okayla, that's exaggerating, but..) disappointed with myself. I don't expect much from the 1st paper (kena tipu!) but the 2nd paper was the paper I was most excited about and I screwed it up!

Still couldn't manage to use the two hours up nicely.

Stupid. Whylah I had to panic???!!!!


And another reason I had been unable to concentrate on studying on my finals (oh deja vu betul) is because of him:


小栗旬. Oguri Shun. Oguri Shun. 184 cm-tall Oguri Shun. Oguri Shun.

Apahal sekarang?!

I'm turning into a fangirl!


I'm not sure which was the first show I watched with him in. Either Gokusen or Hanazakari no Kimitachie. But I know that at that time I was like, "Oh, cute actor" and that's it.

Suddenly now..

It started when I wanted to download Hanazakari no Kimitachie SP: Episode 7.5 and Graduation (watch out for Sano singing "love me me sweet"). I started searching around for videos of him on Youtube. Like crazily searching. And that was few days before my first paper. And I found this!

Toma Ikuta (Nakatsu "Homo Ja Nai (I'm not a homo)"in HanaKimi) and Oguri Shun (Sano Izumi). There's a translated vid for this but I can't find it. Shun said something funny like,"after we pass this door, we'll be known as naked lovers" or something like that. And after that Toma scolded saying that,"nowadays, he's always like this. so horrible!" cutela both of them.. *swoon*

Yeah. So.


I watched his school gangsta movie, Crows Zero. Not bad. But not a good influence to schoolgoers. But he very the yengla. If only he doesn't smoke. Sigh~

Currently watching Binbo Danshi (Bombee Man) starring him. Quite a funny side of him in this drama. With all the facial expression, exagerrated crying face, Bictory (Victory) shout.. really another side of the usual, I'm-so-cool characters he had played before. And he had also acted for theatre shows like, Caligula (as Caligula!), A Comedy of Errors and extras. :D So hebat.

how can you not like that smile????

Oh, this is the opening song for the drama. I kinda like it. Especially the rapping part. The rapper sounds so American-ish.

Monochrome by BENNIE K

I am TRYING NOT to watch Hana Yori Dango, because I didn't like the Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden. I'm trying very hard.

I hope this will pass. Haha.

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  1. hee. XD told you he's hot!!! aiyoh! must watch hana yori dango! damn hot lar he! so cool... and actually quite funny cus he don't want to eat apple because of a stupid reason in that show.


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