Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"Students Caught Cheating In Test"

That would be a wonderful headline in a news if such thing were ever to happen.

I mean, if anyone is ever going to bother exposing it. If I was an undercover reporter for a daily studying in my course, surely I can get the article done after today.

Oh, I just did my final test today. I didn't study much, which explained why I couldn't manage to answer most of the questions. But at least I did not fucking cheat.

4 witnesses, and counting perhaps, saw someone, opening the book of the course being tested, just because the questions he/she targeted did not come out and he/she was not at all prepared to answer different questions.

How stupid and unfair is that?

And if that person is sort of an underachiever I can understand (but that doesn't mean it's right, but I've seen them done it, but in the end their results are still so-sola) but then the person in question, or the persons in question are most I think quite more than average and a pretty good scorer!

One witness said,"I was really shocked to see him/her opening the book and copying. Never expected him/her to do that. He/She must have been so stuck."

Another said,"I was so 'HOT' when I saw them passing paper here and there."

Another said,"I looked at him/her after finishing my paper to see if he/she dares to do it in front of me, but he/she still did!"

Now, this fucking sicken me to the stomach. Obviously, the people involved were so desperate to maintain their high-but-not-achieved-by-their-fucking-own-efforts scores that they had to resort to CHEATING.

So disgusting.

The lecturer is definitely going to find out. But not from me. From one of the witnesses.

What you do will definitely not be blessed - this is for you who believe highly in God.

For those who don't, I wonder how you all will survive without being able to use your brains to do things yourselves.

I believe in justice.


  1. *speechless*

    peeking at others' papers and/or short short (and i mean in five words or less) 'discussions' with nearby friends is ok to me. still can tahan.

    but opening books is...dunno what to say.

  2. No matter how hard the question, we also need to use our brain to think of it!!! Those copy copy one, although they can get high marks but they are cheating themselves at the same time too. We did the best, we try the best, we will satisfy with what we get. Add oil together for the final la!!!!


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