Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a relief.. for the moment

I finally finished my FYP final draft thesis that I had been blabbing about the past few posts and also the technical report. Just need to touch up on my log book a bit.

I have a test tomorrow and I so don't feel like studying.

Good Luck to Feli and Kristen for their FYP presentations tomorrow. Damn early (mine is 26/27th of March April) but at least they can sit for their final exams without any worries~

Oh I guess I better studylah now..

Can you believe that I performed Do Re Mi with my group members during BBA3203 class just now? I forgot some of my lines so I had to improvised it! :P Argh, Julie Andrews will kill me if she sees the video haha..

Doe a deer a female deeerrrrr....


  1. i think you meant 26/27 April? And WE'RE DONE WITH OUR PRESENTATION!!! RELIEF! WHAT A RELIEF! :) Now it's just a report and 2 papers.

  2. WHOOOPPPSs! silap! Thanks! Haha..

  3. thankies!! good luck for yours too!! :D


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