Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Day! and i have a confession to make.

No, it's not

I did not pass up my final draft on time today

because I decided to pass up on Monday after my SEM tests on Sunday, AND to make myself look pitiful I'll get the lab assistant to verify that I made my SEM tests that day so that's the reason why I could only pass up on Monday.

Maybe my co-ordinator will pity me and only minus 4 marks instead of 5.

Oh yeah, it's 5 marks instead of 4 marks. I miscalculated yesterday. :P

Such a huge risk I'm taking but oh well, I guess I have to take this risk-tunity to produce a good draft! That means no sleeping until I pass up the damn thing.

Eh no sleeping sounds too extreme, should be less sleeping until I pass up the damn thing.

I found out that I tend to get sleepy very fast when I'm all stressed up/in a state of panic, hence ending up sleeping when all of my coursemates were slaving their asses off for the damn things.

Honestly (here's the confession),

I actually stressed out when I saw people passing up their damn things

After I made the decision, I told myself not to worry much since I made the decision already and I should make the most out of the risk and lalala.. and I did my labwork (yeay finished already finally!) as usual until I kept seeing people coming to pass up their damn things.

My positivity went down the drain as fast as the speed of light, c = 3.0 x 10^8 m/s.

I kept imagining 5 marks with wings, flying out to the sky, slowly disappearing..

So pathetic.

Kenny who just got his ear pierced was right.

My thesis is hungrily eating me.

I didn't know I was edible. That's insanely cool.


Ouh, I'm okay now though. I'm quite relieved actually, although I'm not sure that's the right thing I should be feeling. Haha.

KFC and grocery shopping in Giant do wonders to a depressed soul.

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