Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 more..less than 24 hours actually.

I felt a half-huge relief after my supervisor went through my incomplete draft, and corrected some of my mistakes.

Honestly, I was stressed not because I felt that I did not have enough time to complete my draft, but it's because I feared that by not showing him anything, I would be the worst student ever. Or something like that. So imagine my sense of pride when he scribbled through my draft using my mechanical pencil.

Tomorrow is the deadline, however the penalty for passing up late is -1 mark per day. Dangerous temptation I must say. Since I don't mind risking a few marks if I could produce a better draft. Even better if I could complete all my works and then only pass up my draft, on Monday. Since I have an appointment for using the SEM this Sunday. That would be four days late huh? -4 marks. Hmm. Very tempting. And if Friday and Saturday are not counted, that would be only 2 marks gone!

=D and =/

Pass up late, lose 4 (or 2) marks but hopefully complete and better report


Pass up on time, no marks lost but flawed (as EC puts it) and incomplete report?

Agh! Decisions, decisions!

Can help me decide anyone?

* * *

Feel like going home before the finals or directly after the finals to bring back some of the things I don't need anymore.


  1. wow... posting almost everyday and it's all about the same thing.

    Your thesis must be eating you up like a hungry Wai Loon weh

  2. Yeahlor. My life so boring wan. Not like you can suddenly one day go pierce ear. Now you making me want to add somemore piercings on my ears, something that I've been planning to do for quite a while. But the lethal combination of mother+boypren's disapproval is just too much for me to handle.


  3. boipren tak kasi u pierce manyak manyak meh? Next time he's down here I bawak him go pierce la.

    Then kita semua berlubang di telinga


  4. Anything which is not 'normal' to him is a no-no la. I want to paint my nails blue colour oso cannot.

    Haha. If you can make him pierce his ears, I'll be damn proud of you weh.


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