Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 more days!

And I have yet to pass up my first draft!

*drops dead and wakes up after 5 seconds*

Anyway, was so semangat to do my thesis in lab today, so I lugged my laptop, LAN cable, external hard disk, mouse, earphones and power supply along to campus. After class we went to lab (ah, didn't go for the photo session also) when we were greeted with two typed out signs that read (something like these):




Me and EC looked at our slippers and were like, "Oh well, what the heck."

My mood were so spoiled because the lab that I wanted to do my stuff in was also plastered with the same signs.

What the fuck is wrong with bringing laptops into the laboratories? Don't you know that the lab computers are all so unreliable and virus loaded? So ridiculous! And some people prefer doing their works on their own laptops, since they don't want to transfer their works into pendrives and poke here and there and thus getting viruses and worms spreaded around. And if the files are huge, how? Use pendrives to transfer bit by bit ah?

So annoying, man! And they were saying it's all because of ISO thingie lar.. blablabla..

What is so wrong in students bringing their own laptops to their works in the laboratories, moreover the labs of their own freaking department, whose students, all combined totaled up to only less that 200 students? And if they feel more secure in using their own lappies, why not let them? At least they won't transmit viruses around here and there.

Gosh, so irritatingla.

Spoiled my mood to do my thesis and I spent my time helping a coursemate clean up her equipments.

And for the shoe parts, I guess that I understandla. Earlier I was one of the semangat ones to always wear shoes to lab (skema konon) but after seeing everyone relaxing in their comfy and practical slippers, I started wearing slippers to lab too! Cheh.. tak sampai one month also my freedom.

Anyways, they should change the signla. When they use "JIKA ANDA TIDAK MEMAKAI KASUT SILA KELUAR" that means I can still "MASUK" kan? They didn't say "JIKA ANDA TIDAK MEMAKAI KASUT ANDA TIDAK DIBENARKAN MASUK".


* * *

Suddenly have this song playing again and again in my head:

Man From Milwaukee by Hanson

Don't ask me why, but it is still as enjoyable as it used to be.

* * *

I guess I'm giving up to being nice to everyonelar.

I'll be nice only to those important people in my life.

Honestly speaking, the 6th semester is the semester that I will not want to remember.

Thanks for the good memories, but no thanks for the bad memories.

Good Luck in your journeys, and I hope we will never meet up again.

* * *

Oh, maybe I'm hallucinating
Letting this thin tall bald man tell me 'bout the sky
Oh, maybe I'm hallucinating
If you ask me now I couldn't tell you why

- Man From Milwaukee, Hanson

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