Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Almost the end.

I've done with my presentation, and it went well, I guess. Although I'm not very sure if I gave satisfactory answers to the lecturers' questions, but at least I did not have a hard time at all.

Ugh, so many clumsy mistakes for my thesis! I guess there goes one A into the drain.. weee~

Now I have to make sure that today I can complete all my corrections since Thursday we have to pass up 4 or 5 copies of the thesises for binding! And must get supervisor's and Department Head's signatures too! Agh!

* * *

I am looking forward to a free, stress-free, argument-free, relaxing and casual trip. Hope all the plans go well and I can proudly proclaimed that I've been to Penang and Ipoh.


* * *


Your decision to swap shifts with someone else will not be regretted. Come and get me once you reached PJ ok? Sloppy kisses await you!


* * *

The booklet filled with messages will be a treasure that I will definitely cherished. I'm very thankful to those who initiated the idea, and spent long hours making them.

Reading the messages again, I was quite surprised to make such impressions on my coursemates. I never knew that they would thought of me that way.

*gets teary-eyed*



But thanks anyways, FEI Class of 2009. I will remember the good memories and forget the rotten ones. And I'll keep the beautiful friendships but will not hesitate to discard the unworthy ones (oh I sound so fucking kejam but other people more fucking kejam than me one, you'll be very surprised).

Thank you.

I LOVE SUSHI KING'S GRILLED SALMON BELLY (esp. when eaten with rice)!

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