Friday, April 24, 2009

Presenting the must-present.

I'm scheduled to present my FYP this Sunday at around 2pm. 1st presenter for the 3rd slot of the day. Although I'm glad to be presenting on the first day, it freaks me out. Since I used to present on 2nd days for both Industrial Training and FYP proposal presentations, going according to the students' namelist. Somehow this time the coordinator jumbled up all the names and did some lucky draw. Or maybe he used Monte-Carlo method.

So keng.

I have yet to complete my slides, but I plan to finish it up before I sleep so that I can practise tomorrow. Seems like I don't have much heart to do the slides or present (graduated-already mode). But since it's a must, oh well..

I hope that I can make an impact, although my project is not as canggih/hebat/superb like the others. And congrats to Bakyah who is going to present her project in KL and USM this coming May! Wooohooo~ If her project succeeds in a bigger scale, I think she would have made money!

Anyways, I never knew Vin Diesel was hot. I watched Fast and Furious 4 and I thought he was kinda HOT. And to all Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Ki/DBSK fans, hope you noticed Rising Sun used in the 2nd scene in the movie, when Paul Walker's character chased some fella into a market or something like that. Hehe.

I want to go shopping! Although I just bought a new pair of sneakers (my old ones already shedding its inner skin) and a skirt and half cardigan from Mango Outlet! Weeeee~

oh well, i'll just wait for Pak Wan's and Selene's invitations then.


Oh pleasepleaseplease let the presentation go well and the marked thesises returned to me ASAP so that I can get done with it and enjoy my short freedom!

And I want to eat seafood in Kemaman. Just found out that Restoran Kemaman's food is better than Restoran Malaysia's. Do take note, people.


  1. eh can u like ACTUALLY come BACK. then only there is a point in giving u any invitations ok.


    i even shifted my weekend call for u.

  2. sorry didn't wish u luck. glad that the presentation went well. :D u always do well lar.

    oh oh!! yeah yeah! I also never thought that Vin Diesel can look damn HOT. seriously. hee! and yay to dbsk! XD


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