Saturday, March 07, 2009


I am currently forcing myself to prepare my part for a duo presentation for a subject I'm retaking.


I'm so lazy. I hope my partner, Yng Jiun hasn't started yet either! Then at least I won't feel so bad!


~ ~ ~

Wang Lee Hom: to go or not to go? Honestly so tempted since it's been a LONG while since my last concert and I damn gao so regret I didn't go for Jason Mraz's, although it actually made me spent time to focus on my FYP.. Huhuhuhu..

~ ~ ~

I'm trying to ignore everything for now. They say negativity attracts negativity, although I find that going against the law of physics, which I can't remember whose law or whatever (supposedly opposite charges attract, equal charges repel).

Suddenly I like the word 'repel'.

Macam hebat saja. Imagine holding a wand and saying, 'Repel!'

I guess I'll let people who let negativity revolves around them to be surrounded with more negativities.

Can't help much if they're very adamant about it.

So I'll try my best to smile at everyone (with all my heart, if my heart's not at it takkan la until die also want to paksa, kan?) and be merry everyday!

For I do not want any of my bad moods to affect other people, especially to those I care very much.

If I wanna sulk I'll just hide inside my room and hide under my blankie.

So syiok.


~ ~ ~

I want to go shopping. Ever since Pak Wan said go sales all around, my hati so tak tenteram.

Had to pester EC to bring me out shopping today! =P

If he said no must argueargueargue until he mengalah. If not I'll go to KT with van sapu.

I want to buy new shoes accessories Majolica Majorca try the new Loreal Pearl foundation buy green eyeshadow because my elianto one fell and broke =( and more lip glosses especially Rimmel's lip glosses because they're quite cheap and nice and I want a good concealer for my stupid eyebags people say ZA one quite good but I must get a good eye cream/gel howleh?


I love doing the blabs.

Now I shall call my ramblings and blabbings The Blabs.


Okay must go continue my presentation.

Bye! *hugs*

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  1. Go go to Wang Lee Hom's concert! you won't regret it lar.. you love him right? XD
    TT_TT I regret didnt go JAson Mraz's concert too!


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