Friday, March 06, 2009

A Letter to You.

Dear You, my lovely You.

I can never forget the first time we met, how funny it was at that time.

You and I were both blur2 and scared, but in the end we were able to communicate with one another well.

You are an honest person, although a bit impatient at times. You are not at all afraid to express your feelings freely. Some may find it a bit selfish or rude, but I find that it makes You a more honest and braver person than them.

You were once called impolite, and yet it didn't bother You at all that much. It didn't bother me either, because I know the allegation was untrue and baseless. However You are still brave and great to be able to talk to that person face to face.

Dear You,

I remembered when You went through that horrible episode of your life. You called me after it happened, and to find out I was the first to know among our circle, just showed how much You trusted me.

Being far away from You at that time, I could not do much but only offered my ears to listen to all your sadness.

You were heartbroken, and it saddened me to see You like that.

When we met, it was obvious that You were having a hard time controlling yourself. And yet, You were so brave to not cry in front of me, although I know if You could, You would want to scream and shout and wail until your lungs burst.

I could only wish that You could get through it, since I believe You are brave, and You will manage to overcome that situation well.

Dear You,

Now I have to say sorry for putting You up with all of these.

I know that You noticed that something is wrong with everything, and You wondered what to do. You wanted to help, but You didn't know how.

I don't blame You for being clueless. I don't blame You for just keeping quite when all of these happened. Because, deep down, I know You care.

All I want to say to You is don't worry my dear. Things will never be able to go back the way how it is supposed to be. It will never be. I wish I could talk to You about everything. I wish I could give out the answers to all your Whys. I wish I could just vent out my frustration to You and no one else but You, hoping that You would understand, hoping that You will show me, that maybe some of my judgements are flawed.

I wish I could. Maybe someday I would. When everything ends.

Because if I were to tell You everything without involving others, it might be unfair to them, isn't it? It was as promised. Although I am not sure that they kept the same promise or not.

But the most important thing that You have to remember is, I will always be there by your side when You need me, just as how You were there when I needed You, although I was always too shy to ask.

Thank You for everything, and I will always remember You and I.


Love always,

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  1. The "You" will always understand u....
    Take care...


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