Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I am supposed to be so damn motivated to start on my FYP draft, after succeeding in handing my lab reports on time.

But instead I got sidetracked and read some fashion/beauty blogs in the morning while getting my red clothes washed.

Thank You for the sun today! :)

Actually I did start on my draft, since last semester we already submitted the first 3 chapters: Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology. I figured that the 3 chapters I passed up were good enough to be handed in as drafts already. I mean, what more should I stress in the 3 chapters. I had explained what I had been doing for this project and I believe that I was quite in line.

So maybe I have to change the Methodology chapter a bit. A bitlar.

Have I stressed how much I find final year projects useless?

No offense to those who are passionate about them, but I believe that students should be given a choice on whether they want to do projects or just take up some other courses for the final year.

Makes more sense isn't it?

At least, the projects produced will be up to standards.

Whateverla. No use complaining now hor? Better just deal with it.

But this shall not be the last of my complaints on FYP! It won't be! It shall end when I pass up the lastest last copy of my thesis! Mwahahahaha..

* * *

As you can see from here, that I am supposed to be doing something else instead of blogging. But of course, I cannot resist myself from updating with what I have been doing for the past few hours.


Anyways, my final course dinner will be on the 13th of March and we have to pay RM45 for it.


Not subsidised ar?

Don't know what to wear don't know what to paint on my face don't know if should buy new heels or not since now sure got sale I want to by Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie since I got no make-up base and cheaper than the Revlon primer I want to go shopping for make-up brushes I want to drink Starbucks

Amik ko.

Yesterday I asked if EC noticed some things, and he said he did. I'm not sure how offended he is about the issuelar, but I am quite offended. Although I shouldn't make noise about it (since it doesn't involve me that much) but I still would want to do him justice.

Thank you is such a hard word to say meh? Not pai seh meh like that?


I want to biiiiiiitttttcccchhhhh about it also cannot since I should listen to EC and not be bothered about other people's childishness.

Betul ka?

If only I could bitch at other people and NOT make me look bad.

But as always la, people will tend to look at the bitchers as the culprits instead of the bitch-eds.

So lame.

Yous are so lame. Lamelamelame. And RUDE. And so ungrateful. Help you also still repeat the same mistakes.


* * *

I watched Bleach until episode 205.

Episodes 204 and 205 are just ridiculous and a waste of timela. Play soccer also must use powers one ar?


(Bleach fans don't kill me because I'm also a Bleach fan and I don't have any intention to kill myself)

Faster go back fight against Aizen!


* * *

The title of this post is called Lazy but it seems that I am not that lazy when it comes to blogging.

Come come I show you one yeng photo of mine.

I have POSER written all over my face in invisible ink

And somemore I thought I look as yeng as Takuya Kimura.

So perasan.



I love my life.


  1. the FYP determines whether or not you have the (Hons) in your degree. it's equivelent to an honours year in other countries. normally FYPs are done in that honours year (an additional year to the 3 years of normal course work).

    no FYP = no (Hons).

    the (Hons) in your cert also determines your pay scale when you go out to work. if i'm not mistaken, there's a RM500-RM1000 difference in starting pay (esp. in foreign countries where this is a big deal).

    in m'sia, the gov made all public uni to do the fast track programs where all courses are completed in 3 years. that's why our final year is extra heavy compared to other places (because we do FYP + course work together).

  2. Feli: Thanks for the info. At least it gave me an idea on why we are forced to do FYPs. :P But it's my personal opinion of this issuela, so I don't give a damn about it. Besides, we do have a lecturer who thinks doing projects at Degree levels useless. :P

    but i do agree they should set aside another year for just FYP. (which if given a choice, i will not do it at all, (Hons) or not.)But then, what about those other courses who are allowed to do other courses instead of FYP? that means they're giving a choice to their students whether they want the (Hons) in their certs?

  3. nah, don't think so. i think their honours would be tipu one. that's why when you apply for postgrad overseas they might make you redo your final year in their uni before allowing you to sign up for masters. :p

    depends on your project la...and the university. in m'sia should be no problem at all.

  4. ur course dinner RM45?
    wahhh bestnye!

    mine RM100 ok!it sux.

    i miss u ween.

  5. Feli: OH NO! The thought of redoing my FYP is just haunting! =O no postgrad studies for me then! Hehe..

    Aimi: Yup2, RM45 jek. Since takut the first and second years takut nak keluar duit for the event. But the sucky part is, kalau tak pergi pun kena bayar, so like, there's no choice. If tak pergi, burn la RM45~

    Me miss you too! *hugs*


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