Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have a ChitChat

So bangga my father is on the news again! Although he's not the main person, but it still make me proud! :D But I guess it's time for him to slow down a bitla, not so young anymore to run here run there like when he was in the Crime Prevention Unit..

And almost everyone went,"eh, your father looks like Malaylah!"

Yeah, I know thatlah.

Encik Hitam Manis.


*kembang dan kempis hidungku*

* * *

Taking a break from compiling my FYP results. Thank goodness I do have results to show to my supervisor, and they are showing the patterns that I want, or at least can be compared to other publications. Just a bit cacat here and there, but I guess that would not be a big problem.

So many regrets about my FYP - should have done this, should have done that.. but it's a bit late to complain and sulksulksulk over it so I'm just going to try my best and get it done and present well. I'm taking a risk of passing up my final draft and technical report without all the full results.

But I don't care, as long as I present them all during the big day.

* * *

Got back one of my Test 1 results today, surprisingly did well, not as well as EC. Maybe trying to answer the questions was better than complaining of not understanding the questions.

Agh! Test 2 for the same subject is next week! More things to cover!

Some people are so desperate to score well by proposing it to be an open book test.


I mean yeah, some of you might be thinking why the fuck am I complaining since it will benefit me as well. Oh well it will I suppose. But why not this final semester give the lecturer a last chance to torture us?


If you score dishonestly, then your marks mean nothing. Nil. Zero. Fucking nothing. Well, to me anyways. That's why I don't cheat. I've never cheated before while in uni (that means masa sekolah dulu pernah ke? *grins*), compared answers, yes, but not copy.


I'm making a fuss, ain't I?

Pe-pe jelar.

* * *

I didn't know it's currently the school holiday.

Memorable Quote For The Day:
"Open your mind, not your book."
- En. Lecturer-you-so-damn-hebat

of course if he said this it will really be the icing on top of zee cake:
"haaaii..4-pointer pun nak open book ke?"

Aiseh better get back to work.

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