Monday, March 16, 2009

Where we began.

Had a test this morning which was quite easy since what was asked was exactly from the lecturer's slides.

But it's really funny that some people still have to discuss to answer the questions. Some were obviously copying from printed notes.

So funny. Haha.

I'm not boasting by the way. I just find them funny.

* * *

Last Friday my course held its annual dinner at Green Acres Golf and Country Resort, or formerly known as Tuanku Mizan Golf and Country Resort.

It was the place where we had our course dinner when we were still first-years, so we were sort of, to put it in EC's words: "We end at where we began".


True enough, our dinner was held at the very SAME hall!

Haha. So funny.

These were from the 2007 post:

March 2007

I loved my 2-piece dress back then! Looking at the photos back again, I think I love it now also! Haha..

This year:

March 2009, cilok-ed this from Bee Kee's Facebook, since I didn't take much photos that night. but I'm tagged in most of other people's Facebook's photos, so go see therelah

I got my angel/Greek goddess/Cupid/Statue of Liberty dress from An Old Flame and of course I didn't look even half as good as Cynthia in it especially with my flabby arms and elephant(or Britney Spears?) thighs. The dress was extremely too freaking short (uh uh but no choice) that I had to wear tights so that my undies won't play pee-ka-boo with everyone. Hmmph.


Natallee without heels was as tall as me with heels

But my make-up that night quite berjayalah for a first-timer.

self-promote (please don't flame me)

- Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie OD Control
- ZA 2-Way Foundation in 24
- L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Concealer in n4-5
- Elianto Sheer Loose Powder (Waterproof) in 04 Sand Beige
- Majolica Majorca Shadow Customizer in GR185
- SILKYGIRL Funky Eyelights Pencil in 09 Lime Green and 07 Solid Gold,
- Elianto gold eyeshadow and shimmer eyeshadow in 05 soft yellow,
- Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara in Black,
- Fasio Hyper-Stay Mascara Shock Free Curl Volume in 300 (Brown),
- Maybelline Line Allure Liquid Eyeliner by Eyestudio in 1 Black,
- Elianto Baked Eyeshadow duo in 03 Green,
- Rimmel Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lipgloss in 195 Born to Bling,
- Revlon LipGlide Color Gloss in Tangerine Ice 39


So sad that my Fasio mascara dried up on me. I like Fasio mascaras (my second one so far) but they dry up too fast! Even the Maybelline ones don't dry up as fast and last longer! =(

Anyways, a lot had changed in the span of 2 years. Bonds were broken, relationships were formed, allies were found, enemies were identified and so on. It got me thinking that, since after 2 years a lot can happen, I found myself asking this to myself:

How well do I know all of them? Can I trust them? Who are the ones that really cared? Who are the fakers, the manipulators, the biggest masters of disguise?

Who do I love the most? Who do I care about the most? Who should just be forgotten?

Honestly, I seriously couldn't find any answers. I really don't know.

I realise that when you spend too much time with certain people, you can see their true colours clearly, regardless if you want to or not. No matter how much you try to avoid, they creep upon you, over and over again, even after you brush them away, like hungry, greedy mosquitos trying to suck your blood.

This does not happen with me and my friends back in PJ. No no.

I guess it's best to take this opportunity to bid them "so long, farewell, hope you'll have a smooth journey in life, good luck, be happy, see you again someday.." and etcs, although I am not sure that I would like to see some of them again.

Really. If it ends here, just let it be.


"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like,
and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve
- Bilbo Baggins

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