Friday, March 20, 2009

6 more days to go~

6 more days to THE DAY - the day to pass up my final year project (FYP) final draft and technical report.

So kan cheong, but so glad I'm heading towards the direction.

Although at a speed of a turtle's. Or a snail.

Spent today in lab, did some FTIR spectroscopy on some samples and tensile tests one another some, and then tried studying for an upcoming test.

8 chapters from the book + 10 presentation slides in 5 days???!!

MAMPUS to the max!

Dahla must prepare for Monday's presentation on Runge-Kutta 4th Order Method (how to pronounce ar? After say wrongly the shy2 only)

I did some reflecting on how much time I wasted during the holiday before this final semester after having some keropok lekor and iced Hai Peng kohi during teatime. Been kicking myself for being one of the latest to complete my project, although I started quite early and even cutting short my 1-month long holiday to start on it.

Why the fuck didn't I push myself to cut the samples instead of waiting for the people to consume the over-carbonated drinks?

Why the fuck didn't I book the scanning electron microscope (SEM) earlier?

Why the fuck didn't I borrow the UV lamp earlier?

Why the fuck didn't I expect the monsoon to be so long?

Why the fuck was I so lazy?

Why the fuck was I procrastinating?

and somemore of why the fucks la.

Me not emoing me not emoing.


Me just doing some reflecting.

I'm just glad I'm back on the right track.

Must be semangat to complete everything ASAP!

I'm gonna graduate soon!


Oh, I want to buy the Coastal Scents 88-palettelar!


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  1. Eh me too lah! I need brushes too!!


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