Saturday, March 21, 2009

5 more days to go~ ahh~

Had dinner at the 2nd year juniors' place tonight. The only four Chinese dudes (for their batch) whipped up some garlic bread, mashed potatoes, fruit+shrimp salad, nuggets and sausages for us as farewell gifts.

Dahlah they stuck/wrote our names to the paper cups and plates - saves cost and prevents confusion!

So cute. Thank you very much Hong Han, Jackson, Yeo Chuan and Leong Hong! All the best for your industrial trainings and future undertakings! Oh and FYP too! :D
5 more days to go and I'm still kan cheong!

Want to go shopping so badly! =(

Don't know why today I feel like scolding people out of a sudden. I guess when you keep something that dissatisfies you so much inside yourself too long it tends to retaliate and wants to come out.

Luckily I meditated for a while. If not sure want to cari pasal with people.

It's not like I purposely.

But I'm waiting for someone to do something, and yet that something has not yet been done. Not sure when someone will do it, when this semester ends perharps?


By the time it will all be too late, and there's no reason for me to trust someone anymore.

Ever again.

I tried my best to satisfy both their sides (of course you can't see it) but in the end I get squashed in the middle so badly that I realise maybe both sides didn't care that much about my feelings. If they did, surely they won't keep me agitated most of the time, right?

Sigh~ Whateverlah.

If it's too late, then it's too latelar.

I guess I'm not appreciated after all.

I'll just wait a little longer, just to prove my tolerance.

Back to FYP!

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  1. Good Luck Ween!

    hehe.. struggle to the max, just one-two more months left kan? yeay!

    and i love to read it again, the part where u put my thoughts under urs.



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