Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 more days and I need some sugar rush

I am not sure why am I blogging currently. Seems like I'm counting down the days until I pass up my final draft isn't it?

Showed some of my results to my supervisor, a bit disappointed that I wasn't prepared to answer his questions, since I just wanted to show, not explain anything. I know my project is not as good as all the others out there, but I guess it's something at least.

*pats self on the back*

* * *

I started watching Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 recently, eventhough initially I don't plan too.

Oh, gosh the drama! Like too much, man! I dislike the current concept of the show, especially getting the girls to like 'interview' one another but make it look like just a normal girl talk. It's so fake. And how they recorded this confrontation between 2 girls - ohmy.. gets me pissed off watching them being bitchy to one another.

Oh well. I guess it's hard to live with people you don't know that well. I have experience in this too.


Initially, I thought Natasha was adorable, but after watching that particular episode with her and Ming, I was like... *sweat* I guess I'll root those untroubled ones like Dawn. And Juanita, although it seems like she did something wrong and she said she admitted it.

But I benci the drama lar. And I'm sure there were some camera tricks here and there. So we don't really know the real story. I won't waste money voting though. I never did with the first season.

Although I was surprised when they announced the winner.

Check out the comments on their blog, so panaslah, the comments also got their own dramas.

* * *

That day I watched Sex and The City! The movie of course. I've never watched the series before. I so love the walk-in wardrobe that Big built for Carrie. All white! And bright! And the shoe rack, ohman.. I would love to have a wardrobe like that. But of course I must start having more clothes too. Haha.

Quite a good moviela, funny at times..and very.. OoOoOhhh lalala.. Wonder if they censored a lot when it was screened here in Malaysia?

* * *

Itchy hands want to shop online!

* * *

Just wanna take this opportunity to congratulate Dania Zainuddin on her wedding, which took place yesterday.

Congrats girl! I wish you and your loved one all the happiness in this world! =D

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