Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Year of the Ox - Part 4

4th Day of CNY

Woke up around 8-something am to find that most of the children were running around on the beach. Dad was as usual, burning something (ohmygoat, it's like his fetish or something). Since I missed the sunrise (damn, whylar didn't wake up when everyone did), I went and joined the elders and had a cup of coffee. The women were preparing breakfast before we leave the place.

The air was really, really fresh, and I soaked up as much as I could that morning. Most of the kids when bathing in the seawater, and some adults couldn't resist. My dad was one of them. Haha.

I did nothing much except for lepaking at the balcony of the chalet, munching on snacks and ocassionally babysitting on the younger children.

Everyone was just enjoying the morning, chit-chatting away, and bonding.

We packed up at around 12pm and departed from the beach. Mom was quite eager to buy some ikan masin and ikan kering but there weren't any stalls open. We decided to stop by a Wat Mai Suwankiri/Suvankhiri in Kampung Bukit Tanah, Tumpat (also known as Dragonboat Temple according to Tourism Malaysia pamphlet) where Nithya's ashes were laid alongside some of our ancestors and also a few close relatives who's ashes were there.

I'm thankful that my parents brought me there. I had a dream about Nithya on the 2nd night of CNY, and it wasn't a pleasant one. In that dream we wanted to visit her grave, but many obstacles appeared, causing us to not able to visit. And that day, the dream didn't come true thankfully. I was able to put incense on her and other ancestors graves, and as much as I tried not to cry, I couldn't stop my tears from falling when my aunt asked,

"What did Ce dream of? Ce saw Nithya in your dream is it?"


Nithya, I went to see you. Hope it made you happy sayang. =) Just last year's new year I was carrying you around so much, from your ma's house to mine and back. And you were so obedient. You never kicked up a fuss. You enjoyed the walks. You enjoyed your tricycle. You enjoyed whacking Darren. I still miss you though. Stay well, k? *hugs*

We also made contributions to the wat since they're building a new.. hall? I can't remember.

this replica of a monk actually scared my mom who thought the monk was in a meditative state. it'll be cool if it's true.

For those who are interested, this wat although houses the mumified body of one of their monks! I'm sorry that I didn't bother to get his name and everything on the board was written in Thai so.. =P

so sorry I can't read Thai. but if anyone can, feel free to translate, k?

the body lies in a see-through casket, so everyone can see

the hall where the body lies

At this wat I also found out that dogs eat fish food!

My sister bought a packet of fish food to feed the fishes in a pond and accidently dropped a bit of food. A puppy sniffed it and began eating. It started following my sister around so we dropped some more. In the end all the dogs start to go crazy over the fish food that some of them ended fighting!


After the visit, stopped by Pantai Seri Tujuh to get some ikan masin and ikan kering and had late lunch in Lem Kolomee for some tomyam and noodles!

Headed back to Kampung Kasa.

*Note to readers: Final part coming right up! =D

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