Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life update

I think I've been to engrossed with CNY and food posting that I forgot to update you all with my life currently.

- I have 2 lab reports which have exceeded their dues. And another one coming.
- My final year project is not even 50% done, my samples are 30% though. Fortunately, came good news today for the instrument that I'm using, although they had to fix some things first. Must remind the science officers to rush the people fixing the things.
- Had my first test, which was alright. Another coming up next week.
- I have an interesting English subject lecturer who never fails to show her middle finger to us every class. Unintentionallyla of course.
- Honestly, I am not as hardworking as I used to be. I wish I could be myself when I was in Semester 4. Super-rajin siot.

- Everyday never fails to surprise me. Be it good or bad.
- Had a few good cries and arguments, and almost to a point of giving up my relationship.
- Thank goodness it's getting better. Hopefully.
- Hope to give him a memorable birthday this year.

- Lost a little weight. Gained 3kgs after CNY, but lost them the next morning after I weighed. Wtf?
- Been getting headaches almost every single day. Must be the heat wave.
- Trying to eat healthily, but still eat my favourite foods.
- Drink coffee almost every morning to function. Trying to keep it to one cup a day though.
- Dry skin alert! Stopped mosturising my body after getting mosquito bites from CNY. Skin super-dry sekarang. And don't get me started with the scars. Ugh.
- I'm not sure if I've got more hair or not. Mom got me some aloe vera shampoo and hair oil but I have not used it yet since my previous medicated shampoo, leave-on conditioner and toner have yet to finish.
- Must get toned for the wedding! Wheeee!~

- Have this sudden itch to go home and just hibernate in my room. And eat mom's cooking. And just laze at home. And see my friends.


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  1. ween im missing u.

    and i feel the itch to hugggg u!!!

    come back soon plz.


    neway gudluck with evrything n love u.


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