Monday, February 09, 2009

The Year of the Ox - Part 3

3rd Day of CNY

Woke up as late. Mom rushed all of us to get ready since she planned to go visit both my parents' aunts. Stopped by at the first and filled up with the usual goodies - none of us had proper breakfast. To the second house, filled up with more goodies. Yet no sign of proper food. Although was tempted to stay for lunch (the smell of fish curry was really good!), had to rush to the final house.

My grandaunt's place will usually have cho kee (prayers to a certain ancestor) on the 3rd day of CNY every year, and always will cook either nasi kerabu or penang laksa. I had been waiting for that day, and this year they cooked penang laksa and laksa lemak/laksam/laksa Kelantan.


what is so special about this cat, you may wonder..

it has extra fingers on one of its back paws!

Finished lunch, rushed back to my grandparents' house since my bro needed to fly back to KL for his interview assignment.

Air Sarsi Cap Ayam

Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia seperti Air Sarsi Cap Ayam, yang merupakan antara jenama tersohor di kalangan generasi ibubapa saya. Dan juga tok nenek saya. Gamaknya lah.

After sending my brother off, we joined my mother's side of the family for a family outing at Pantai Melawi, Bachok, where we stayed one night in of the many chalets there (I forgot the name of the chalet with stayed in).

For an air-conditioned chalet with 2 beds, a bathroom and TV, it's not bad at a price of RM60. And there's an open space where they put a refridgerator (or two) - good if you bring cold things for barbeques.

oh so dark. give you brighter photo.


Let's just say we had a great timela. First time after a very, very long time that we went on a family outing. Too bad bro had to go back early.

Darren and Ika munching on some keropok ikan sira pedas

so my hair looks sucky here. just focus on the cute boy k? had to carry him all the way to the beach because everyone left him and he had just taken his bath. carried him for about 20 minutes and my left arm was practically paralysed for the next 2 days.

pots of sup tulang, imported all the way from Kampung Kasa, Pasir Mas

the importants: cups, bowls, plates, water, carbonated drinks, soya sauce (????)..


i have no idea why the put that on her head, look at her face, she absolutely wasn't happy! Haha..

duduk bersila makan nasi dengan ulam dengan budu!

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