Saturday, February 07, 2009

Scallops galore at Sushi King, East Coast Mall, Kuantan

After being Japanese food-less for a month (or more), me and EC got to fulfill our wishes when we were in Kuantan. Were extremely happy (greedy sounds more like it) that we ended up in East Coast Mall (ECM)'s Sushi King twice.


They are (eh like going to end soon hor?) having a promotion called Fresh Scallops and Prosperous Yee Sang!


Interesting name.

Anyhoos, in conjunction with the Chinese New Year this year, Sushi King is offering some scallop-themed stuff and yee sang.

We weren't interested in trying the yee sang, even when they came around with two small bowls of it, but we did try some of the scallop-themed things offered since we rarely have scallops in any Japanese restaurants.

The Hotate Teriyaki was good - 3 scallops laced with teriyaki sauce arranged on a shell (EC wondered if they reuse the shells). The scallops were not tough at all, at no bad seafood smell whatsoever. We had a few shells of them. And we always chose the huge ones. Haha.

oOoOo.. so shiny..

The Hotate Massogo reminded me of crab filament sushi. The scallops were chopped into smaller pieces and mixed with some mayonaise and prawn roes before placed on sushi rice and wrapped in the seaweed. Nothing special la.

We expected that the scallop to be steamed together with the chawanmushi, but I think they just placed one on top before being served. Anyways, I like chawanmushi so I don't mind having an extra scallop on it. Or more mushrooms, prwans or crab filaments. Please?


Another item we tried was the Hotate Temari Sushi, which is raw scallop hidden on top of some sushi rice and covered with roe. Melted instantly when placed in my mouth. Not so fond of it though.

Ohkeh. So that's what we had tried. The promotion is going to end VERY SOON so faster go and try tau?

In addition we also tried the grilled salmon belly (a seasonal item) after seeing another table ordering it. It looked nice so we thought, "Why not hor?"

Luckily we ordered, because it was quite good. So juicy until meleleh-leleh down our mouths after taking a bite. Eh nola I was exaggerating. But really juicy. And the fats...fuiyooooo..

Since I have trouble eating any forms of cooked fish without rice, we paired it with the unadon, which comes with four pieces of unagi and banyak rice.

So I sapu-ed the grilled salmon belly with rice.


I suka.

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