Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Year of the Ox - Part 2

1st Day of CNY

Woke up not too early to find that not even one member of my family was ready to celebrate CNY, all were still in their sleeping clothes, sister was running around outside with a cousin, wrecking my slipper, while my father played with fire (one of his favourite things to do in kampung).

Had some breakfast before receiving angpows from my grandparents (so hebat, tak mandi lagi pun can get angpow already) and went to bathe before started visiting my grandmother's first sister house, and then proceeded to my maternal grandparents' house for lemang and rendang.

Yes. You read correctly. Lemang and rendang. Lemang with beef and chicken rendang. On Chinese New Year.

So muhibbah. Somemore it was the second time that lemang and rendang were served during Chinese New Year. However this year's effort a bit tak jadi - lemang came out a bit hard since my uncle left them in the fire too long.

In the evening we spent time in my paternal grandfather's house (I know sounds very confusing but I have a HUGE family), which was located in another town called Pendek and had tomyam with big, fat, juicy and sweet tiger prawns, and fried lalas for dinner! =D Had a short discussion with my father's half-sister and his husband about my future prospects. They gave me some advices on where to apply and etc. The family also discussed about plans to go to Jakarta (ohmygoat so excited! First time I'm going out of Malaysia! Hope can go!) for my uncle's wedding in August.

Must save money and start getting fit so that I can wear pweety dwesses! =D

uncle, cousin, cousin, uncle and father

aunt, Christine, Lene, Hui Lin

Lene and Hui Lin

haha so funny

Headed back to our kampung and stopped by my grandmother's youngest sister, before going back to my grandparents house.

2nd Day of CNY

Woke up as late as the first day. Visited my aunt's house for some mee celup (which is actually mee supla). My aunt takes care of a Chinese Temple built on the first floor of her place.

don't ask me what is written on the board. and don't ask me why i posed like that.

Didn't do much that day. Some incident happened which totally spoiled everyone's mood.

How long do you intend to fucking do all these nonsense ar? Until ah ma pass away? Screw you. You are a disgrace! I have no fucking idea how to respect you.


Celebrated my brother's 24th birthday with a self-decorated buttercake. So sad that we didn't get him a proper cake.

lmao. so sad until have to use lighter as candle since got no proper candles. candles for prayers tak boleh pakai. eh fish head also want to enter frame.

eh birthday boy suddenly got high

And that's for Day 2.

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