Friday, February 13, 2009

I want nobody, nobody but you


Who would have thought I would end up getting hook on a Korean song?

Currently liking this video by the Wonder Girls, a product of JYP Entertainment.

It's all thanks to Ika and Lene, who were dancing to this song during our family picnic.

Now, I'm hooked.

Oh, oh, check out this one. It's by the Wonder Boys, who are made up by a member of 5 different Korean boybands, Big Bang included.

Ohgoat. So chexy. *shivers*

*Muchie thanks to the uploaders!

I want nobody, nobody but you *points, claps and points*


  1. WONDERGIRLS!!! and nobody. haha i remember the feelings of nobody nobody but you fever. rasa nak menari saja satu hari.

    i am all over them! hihi check out their other songs too! tell me, hot, irony dan banyakkkk lagi.

    if u asked mai,
    sure she'll ask you to listen to big bang. hihi

    oh, and find the vid where big bang and wondergirls performing tell me together. auw so cute! :D

  2. hahahaha. XD you must hook up in the end lar.. u have a korean fanatic here. and..omg. the video recorded, u better don't release anywhere ah... embarassing wey...
    nobody nobody but you.. XD

    WONDER BOYS are cuTEEEE!!! loove them!


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