Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm tired.

I just came back from dinner at Uncle Chua's Kopitiam with EC. He was kind of tired since he was at campus the whole day debating his ass off.

Yesh, my EC is debating for the Chancellor's Cup.

I am so proud of him. Tomorrow shall be going to support him and the juniors. So far they lost one round but won two. The last round's result will be released tomorrow.


On another note, he said I looked tired, with prominent dark circles around my eyes. It didn't help that I napped on the table earlier and moved to bed, only NOT able to doze off cause I had so many thoughts in mind.

And plus, I didn't completely remove the eyeliner I put on when I was having some make-up orgasm.


I'm tired. I'm exhausted. The heat is partially killing me. When will it rain?

I'm not tired of studying, I kind of enjoy it. But I enjoy reading stuff not for exam purposes more. Because I hate the system in my course right now. It's like the classis saying that goes:

Throw up what you ate.

That day in a test, the lecturer put a question which was not so direct, that it even confused me, and made me go, "What the hell?" but then I just went and simply wrote whatever I thought was right.

Some funny people started questioning, some suggested that for it to be a bonus question, and some smarty pants went and said, "Tak pernah belajar (Never learnt before)".

I was quite amazed when the lecturer retorted, "Maknanya kamu tidak dapat mengaplikasikan apa yang kamu belajar (It means you are not able to apply what you've learnt or something of the likes)".

Damn right.

Some kept pestering for him to cancel the question, and made him give more tips that he should have, to a point EC had to go, "Dah bagi banyak tips dah."

Engkau nak buat test engkau nak tips berlambak-lambak sampai Gunung Everest? Engkau tak prepare ke? Test dah diinform dua minggu sebelum, takkan takleh handle kot? Dahla tiga soalan je. Dan dahla soalan ketiga cam best je jawap. Ding dong ding dong (Abang Nik's trademark) ingat balik example dalam buku dapat muntah balik. Tak best ke camtu?

Some people just don't have the desire to LEARN.

I salute to those who really study because they wanted to, and to those who really score using their own abilities and potentials.

Aku tabik engkau best2.

I miss PJ. A lot. I miss my family, my friends, the shopping complexes, my orange room, my clothes, my mom's cooking uh goat knows what else?

And I am not emo-ing, mind you. I'm just letting out what's in my mind. So much more to write but some things just stops me from doing it.

Am I willing to lose?

Damn right I am. I even told EC what are my plans after graduating.

I don't plan to see them anymore. Not all, but some.

I miss writing like this. I miss writing random things, not posting things like I am forced to. I feel like I've deviated myself from the purpose of writing in this blog. So many things to censor, so many hearts to consider...
When none actually bothers to consider mine.
Am I not right?
Why need to fake it anymore, when it's very clear that we are not meant to be together, not meant to be like how we used to be 2 years ago?
Why bother?
I have blurry visions of our future together. We're not in the same one.

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