Friday, February 20, 2009

The curious case of a 5-kg pomelo.

I was given (or I took?) a HUGE pomelo by my grandmother after CNY. It was used for prayers and since there weren't anyone to eat it, she suggested that I take it to be shared with my friends.

uh, fatty arms

We weighed it using our rusty trusty weighing machine, and the scales pointed at the number 5.

5 kg siot.

double uh, fatty arms.. =(

So one fine day, we dissected it. It was quite a long time since I had any juicy pomelos to eat with some nice kicap+sugar+salt+belacan rojak sauce.

the skin is thicker than the size of my thumb! wtf!

The pomelo had really thick skin. The skin itself weighed a whopping 2 kg.

So thick the skin that it ended up mocking us.

tak tau malu punya limau. nampak tak pisau sebelah ko tu? tak nampak? meh aku nampakkan!

*after endless struggling and screaming and moaning*

take that you thick-skinned limau!

The end.

Note: it's still in the fridge, after being dissected 14 days ago. =P

I wonder how does it feel like having 5-kg worth of breasts?

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  1. EEYEERRR soo green n bumpy wann the skinnn... and the insides look like like.. the insides of that pig i chopped up..... One kind of alien pomelo that is


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