Saturday, February 21, 2009


And so the representatives from the Kelab Mahasiswa Fizik or better known as KEMAFIZ only managed to enter the quarter-finals (QF) of the debate competition for the Chancellor's Cup. They lost to the Biodiversity course with a margin of 1, where they became the Opposition side for the first time. Previous earlier four rounds saw them being on the Government side all the time, winning 2 rounds and losing 2.

EC is in the top 10 Best Speaker's list.


Arrived at Dewan Syed Jalaluddin before 0830 hours, to find many teams were still absent. After the announcement of yesterday's fourth round results, 8 teams qualified for the QF, but surprisingly, more than 3 teams pulled out from the competition.


KEMAFIZ faced the Biodiversity representatives for their first QF round at MK10. However, this is their second time going against one another. The motion given was:

Environmental Destruction There Is Still Tomorrow

I'm not sure whether you're supposed to read that one shot.

The team was quite nervous since they lost once to the BioD team before, and in addition, the motion must be a familiar topic for them. AND it's the first time for KEMAFIZ to be on the Opposition side.

Wai Keat as the Opposition leader. he reminded me of Lim Kit Siang. i couldn't stop laughing. a little soft-spoken or selamba i must say.

being in PALAPIS must have turned Siew Yen into one aggresive woman. in spite of her lack of proficiency in English, she was VERY persuasive. Tiam Lum compared her with the Iron Lady.

EC wrapping up the Opposition points. this was the first time I see him giving a very aggresive speech. he was literally shooting bullets to the Government to a point that they started hitting their tables to voice out their dissatisfactions. and also because he denied their neverending POIs after receiving a few. Haha.

They lost with a margin of 1, where the motion is accepted by the House. I'm sure they were expecting to win, but I guess, the lack of experience got into them. At least they made it the QFs, that should be good right? Since they were all first-timers.

Saya bangga.

We stayed to watched the semi-final debate between Bio-D and Kelab Kemahasiswaan Kimia (KKK), which were supposedly made up of 2 ex-debaters and members of the uni's debate club.

"The House Believes That NEP Is No Longer Relevant"

It was quite an amusing debate I must say. KKK lost although their member got the Best Speaker title. They had been on a winning streak and they lost.

Hmm. Sure devastated giler.

Anyways, it was a great experience watching a debate, since the only time I watched was when I was in Form 6 I think. It was a suitable event to gather information about certain topics, especially for those who are taking Public Speaking, Academic Writing Skills or even Kenegaraan and Science and Technology Policy.

It got me thinking about flaws. I realised that I'm not that good when it comes to speaking in public. Although I am better than some, I realised that I need to brush up my skills is public speaking and even in daily conversations!

I'm not THAT good at English, as some of you might have noticed. My grammar sucks at times, and I don't have a wide range of vocabulary. I tend to use the same words over and over again, over and over again.. (eh, what song is that ah?) I preferred Malay to English when I was in school. But now my Malay also karat alreadyler.

Oh well I guess I have to start practising speaking properly. In English AND Malay. And put in some Mandarin and Cantonese as well while I'm at it. Why not Japanese either?

And I realised that I should be studying something like social sciences or whatever that involves current issues, psychoing people, languages and communication instead of physics, electronics and instrumentations.

I rest my case.

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