Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year that was

Okay. So 2008 has not officially ended as I'm typing this post.

And I am the kind that rarely does posts reflecting the year that was. However, I would like to take this opportunity to reminisce on the goods and the bads that passed by.

The year started with me at the beginning of my fourth semester in uni, where things got better for my household (in KT). Chinese New Year was quite toned down, and news on passing of a beloved cousin spoiled the end of the semester. In the middle of the year, I completed my fourth semester with results which put me into a celebration mood and during that duration, I underwent my Industrial Training at a small company, which had me doing some laidback jobs but getting paid handsomely (although not the most among my coursemates).Finished my fifth semester in the same year, with equally good results, but putting me in HUGE dilemma, where I am forced to choose the level of graduation. I started having passions for taking photographs of foods and unintentionally showed them off in my blog for sharing purposes. It is still unclear whether I would end up as a food blogger or not. =P

Controversies can never be avoided. Lies and rumour were spread, tempers flared, bonds were broken, 2008 was quite an emotional one for me. I started having problem in controlling my emotions, had problems with tolerating with some people, heard lies being spread about my loved ones, stressed myself out because I was unable to tell people off (what to do? I'm too fucking kind).

This new year, I've made up my mind not to be caught up with my emotions too much. I am going to take my tolerance up a notch, without compromising with my own feelings that is. But I hope that those people will be able to consider other people's feelings before doing things.

I've made some resolutions, but after halfway listing them down here, I deleted everything and am keeping it to myself. =D Hope you all made yours already!

Til then, have a great new year everyone!


  1. sekarang ni pun dah macam food blogger. hehehee

  2. 2008 must have been a hard time for you. and also with what had happen after chinese new year.. >_<

    hope this year would be a better year for you. ergh. and gonna be a stressful year for me.


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