Monday, December 29, 2008

Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens

Ah~ one of my favourite sushi restaurants besides Sushi King.


Yes, I admit, I still go to some Sushi King outlets (I said some, because the other some are just worth not going to). To find good Sushi King outlets is not hard, just search for those with a lot of customers - the food are guaranteed to be prepared fresh instead of those recycled ones, waiting to rot on the conveyor belt.

Anyways, I like going to Sushi Zanmai, although it may be a bit more expensive than Sushi King. But there are some things that you cannot get at Sushi King, like this nameless sushi that I ate during my 2-week break at Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens. Of course, it was not my first time in that particular Sushi Zanmai outlet. We sat at the conveyor belt, and surprisingly, I like its chair better than the stool in Sunway Pyramid's.

nameless sushi is worth forgetting after all

So sorry that I cannot recall the name of this particular dish. Truthfully I picked it from the conveyor belt since it looked damn interesting. Well, it tasted quite 'interesting' as well. If you are familiar with The Manhattan Fish Market flame-grilled prawns which they serve with one of their platters, this sushi had that same burnt taste, which kind of put me off. The burnt taste overpowered the salmon taste, making you feel like you're eating some burnt thing with sushi rice. Despite the nice presentation, it failed to impress. RM6 a plate, mind you.

As I mentioned before, I love Sushi Zanmai's Yakiniku Don (RM10.80 for small). I am not sure why, but I suspect that I am more in love with the rice than the beef slices! *gasps* EC said that it's not as good as Yoshinoya's Beef Don though. It's been awhile since I've been to Yoshinoya so I can't remember how the Beef Don tastes like. *ponders awhile* Hmm.. but there is a difference between the ones served in each outlet. Yoshinoya's beef slices have fatty parts, while Sushi Zanmai's slices are of the lean meat part. I guess Yoshinoya's wins! =P

It's a pity that I do not share EC's passion for sashimis. I had a BAD experience with fish (eh, but that time it was cooked!...anyways) when I was younger which had me going to the toilet and vomiting all over the tiles after a barbeque at my maternal grandparents' house. So I tried to avoid fish, especially those with funny, slimy skins. At one time I was too traumatised that my mom had to remove the black skins of canned sardines!

Salmon Shioyaki (salt-grilled salmon) thankfully did not cause any bad memories to crop up. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to ordering it again. Besides salmon, there's also grilled mackerel in a few sauces/marinades (like teriyaki or butter) to choose from. Priced at RM12.80.

Tofu tofu, me love you! Soft tofu coated in a batter and pan-fried before served with dashi broth, sprinkled with strips of nori (seaweed), bonito flakes, spring onion and unidentified orange lump, Agedashi Tofu (RM6.80) is truly satisfying! To me, that is. Although the soaked batter may turn off some (cos it's all gooey and soft-soft), I enjoyed every bite of it! Do note that the tofu has to be eaten together with the broth and the condiments, or else it'll just taste plain tofu-ey.

another one of my must-have while dining in Sushi Zanmai

The salmon and maguro (tuna) sashimis are priced at RM6 for 3 slices. Compared to the one that we had at Sunway Pyramid's outlet, the slices served at The Gardens' were way bigger and thicker! Unfortunately, the tuna was not fresh since we got the last few slices of the lot (we sat in front of the raw items display, so we got to see which items was running out, or looked kesian). Salmon was good though, thank goodness.

For the items above, we spent around RM65 (including the taxes and 2 cups of green tea), which was actually the most we had spent in any Sushi Zanmai. =/ Luckily we don't go there THAT often.

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