Friday, January 02, 2009

Something pretty for my eyes

I am an eyeshadow-crazy chick. Whenever I go to Guardian or Watson's (or elianto), I will always end browsing through all the makeup counters (are they even called counters?) and play with eyeshadows from different brands. I'll take colours that look pretty to my eyes and swipe them on my hand, wrist or forehead. Nah, I was just kidding about the forehead part. Heehee. Oh, and I do that with lip glosses too. So I should be called eyeshadow-and-lipgloss-crazy chick.

I don't own that many eyeshadows actually, and I rarely use them since there is no ocassion for me to wear them. Wear to class? Nah.. Don't like to look so extravagant in class. I am able to stand out without putting any artificial colouring on my skin. My new hairstyle is enough to make the glass go crazy. *bangga*

These are all what I have currently:

smart investments?

The Maybelline Trio Eyeshadow was bought long long time ago, but I don't have the heart to throw it away. Not because I love it or anything, but just in case I need to use them when the time comes. Haha. Fasio Trio Eyeshadow is quite new.

These two are also quite old. Got it at half price during one of the Guardian Warehouse sales. The colours are pretty, but not pigmented enough. But I just found out that the colour can be enhanced when applied with a damp brush, so will be experimenting before deciding whether to discard them or not.

cheap-o cheap-o elianto!

Ah, cheapest of the lot. Priced at less than RM10 per colour, and there are so many to choose from! Bought a few during one of their sales and ended spending around RM84 one shot. So crazy! But yes, I like elianto stuff because they're cheaper! Nail polishes at RM5? Boleh saja! Single eyeshadows from RM5-RM8? Woohoo!

From top to bottom: SILKYGIRL Funky Eyelights Pencil 09 Lime Green, 07 Solid Gold, 10 Cool Blue, and Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Pencil Shadow (threw away the wrapping so not sure what is the name of this light pinkish colour)

The SILKYGIRL Funky Eyelight Pencils are like, "eyeshadows in a form of pencils" as Cawan Milo had told me before. She recommended them and so did Yng Jiun, so I gladly purchased 3, not at a time though. Haha. Bought my 1st colour which was the number 10 in Sasa at around RM13, and the bought the other 2 at Watson's since SILKYGIRL had a Christmas promotion, selling them at RM10.80 each! =O They're not bad, although I find the colour has a hard time coming up if you're skin is oily. So must blot-blot first. Looking forward to playing around with them. =D As for the Maybelline Pencil Shadow, I like the colour, that's why I bought it. =P

As you can see, that most products I bought were impulse-based, rather that which colour I need, which suits my skin, are they safe?, yadayadayada.. I believe that somehow, you are able to make the most out of anything, and in eyeshadow cases, you can mix and match to make them suit you, or create new colours/shades! And of coursela, I can't afford M.A.C. (i want their lipglasses!) or shu uemura yet. YET.


Anyways, currently I am going googoogaga over Majolica Majorca's eyeshadows, and am looking forward to own some since they're are said to be quite pigmented. I tried a few on my hand before while at KT's Watson's and oh my! I must have them! =D Also eyeing at Rimmel's duo eyeshadows. Found one with silver and blue combination and am planning to get it while it's on sale!

Now, the highlight of this post is actually this product by Coastal Scents:

I have seen this in some of Lauren (or panacea81 on Youtube)'s tutorials and I have been wondering a lot of things about the palette that she uses. At first I thought that she bought a palette case and just put single eyeshadows everything inside, but then in one of her videos she said she got it off eBay! =O

Last few weeks, I stumbled upon a beauty/makeup/fashion site called Blush-berry and heyheyhey! They have a feature on the palettes (but I'm not sure if it's the some one that Lauren uses) and they're from this website called Coastal Scents.

photo taken from Coastal Scents

This is the matte one. They do have the 88 shimmery palette one too! But I'm more interested in the matte one. How about you? You can order from Coastal Scents itself or go to Blush-berry and they will help you get it at RM80 if not mistaken. Besides the 88, they have some other palettes too, but I bet this one is the more worthy one.

I'm still weighing the consequences of getting or not getting it. The only problem is if I just depend on this palette, I won't be able to carry it around to do touch-ups. But how NOT to have this? It has like, all the possible eyeshadow colours! =D

I guess you guys and gals have to keep on reading to see if I am ever, gonna get this palette.



  1. HEY ANGELINE! I actually ordered the coastal scents 88 palette! Waiting for that thing to be shipped now. It's cheaper. Ordered from They have this spree going on where they help ppl buy stuff online from the US. I'm currently eye-ing on this brand called nyx (US brand). Heard their lip glosses are super awesome!! And it's cheap (US wise - $4 to $5)! I might be ordering some. Depends on the shipping fees and all. Hehehe.


    I want also! Must tell me how it is once you get it, k?

    About NYX, I have their lipstick! =P My friend gave it to me since she bought some for herself. I'm planning to try their lip glosses too.


    Thank you so much for the link!

  3. Hehe. Yea sure. Will tell ya. So how's the lipstick?? Is it nice??

  4. O_o; wow. that 88 shimmery palette made me speechless.

    XD i still can't get myself to learn doing make ups.

  5. Kristen: Ah? The lipstick? Hardly use it. =P And i'm not such a lipstick person. Haha. But it glides easily on my lips (when they're all smOoth) so I guess it must be good. =)

    Lene: ah. you will come to that stage soon!


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