Monday, December 22, 2008

Of holiday.

So I'm back from a 2-week holiday at home, a place I would rather be than Kuala Terengganu, since the HOT season is approaching. Good for my laundry, BAD for my body, mind and soul (eh, why does it sound like a title to an album?).

Things I have done for the past two weeks:

* Met up with my good friends.

* Witnessed some cows being sacrified during Hari Raya Korban.

Damn kesian wei

* Ate some food which I had longed while I was in KT, but some just disappointed.

assorted dim sum at Yuen Garden, somewhere in Puchong

* Got a haircut.

oit, don't laughla!

* Attended the opening ceremony of the 14th ASEAN University Games and went for a camp in Malacca.

* (Repeat the third item)

roast beef sandwiches with fries at The Teapot Cafe, SS2

I have mixed feelings about coming back to KT. I wasn't too keen on coming back before Christmas and New Year since my friends are planning for a get together during Christmas, and I didn't get to meet up with some of my good friends so it was quite saddening. Plus I felt bad that I rarely spend at home: ate dinner with my father like, for only once I think. ='( Went out with mom also once only. ='( ='( Oh, oh, not to forget that I dread FYP. Dread it so much that I feel like flunking it. =P

On the other hand, I am quite excited to finish my degree as soon as possible because honestly, it's getting a bit boring. It's beginning to feel like a cycle, where the semester starts and everything is all bright and towards the middle of the semester, problems tend to crop up, stress are built up, silent enemies are made and the climax is reached during the examination period, which is quite a frightening period in any semester. I do not look forward to furthering studies for now, but in the future, I may consider the optionlah.

Anyways, just wanna update you all with my news. Blog posts will resume as usual.

Got malas when was at home. Heehee.

Happy Tang Yuen Day to all!

ee (tang yuen) in cold luo han guo+longan soup, courtesy of Rainie, San San and Yen Lin

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