Monday, December 22, 2008

Going gugga over Bubba

Had the chance to dine in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co at The Curve with EC, Cawan Milo and Chi Seng after a short planning. When the restaurant first came out, me and EC were quite eager to try out its food, but we changed our minds after reading not so fantastic comments about the food, so it ranked among the last in our list of "Where to go for makan?".

However, on one fine day, Chi Seng called me up for dinner and we arranged one for our group, which in the end was only the four of us since some couldn't make it. Although I was hoping to meet all my friends for dinner that night, I understood that some were quite occupied with other important matters (can meet up other times, no worries *consoles diri sendiri*). Anyhow, the four of us went ahead with the dinner plan so me and EC zoomed from The Gardens to The Curve to book a table, fearing that there would not be any tables since it was a Friday.

Bubba Gump's theme is inspired from the movie starred by Tom Hanks: (let's hear everybody say it) Forrest Gump, so it is decorated with memorabilias from the movies. According to a Forrest Gump article on Wikipedia, Bubba Gump is the name of the shrimping business company set up by Forrest and his mate from the army named Bubba. The movie is played outside the restaurant, in the favour for those who choose to dine at the balcony overlooking The Street at The Curve. There's a small shop beside the restaurant selling Bubba Gump merchandises ranging from tank tops, cups , caps and etc.

Each table has a bucket of kitchen roll (wahlau), ketchup, chilli sauce, tabasco and hand wipes; a basket of Jacob's crackers (complimentary) and a signpost which you flip to get your waiter's attention instead of snapping your fingers or signalling with your hands.

i'm asking you to run!

Flip to the blue sign which says, "Run Forrest Run" means that you do not need any help from the waiter/staff or whatsoever. Flip to the red one that says, "Stop Forrest Stop", you are instantly attended by one. Very effective, and a creative concept too. Read the article to find out about the concept.

I find the staff very friendly, although some of them speaks English with a different accent, they never fail to provide attention to their customers. Once a while one or two would pop over to our table and ask our opinion on the food and etc. I love friendly staff. I really do. =)

We ordered an item each, oblivious to the fact that we could actually share the food since they prepared small plates for sharing purposes. EC got an appetiser called Cajun Shrimp, a choice he made after remembering that a blog recommended it.

Cajun Shrimp

This dish is filled with shrimps stir-fried in Cajun butter with a huge piece of garlic butter bread. It was too salty for my liking and the bread was quite tough that EC had to request for a steak knife (which caught the waiter off guard a bit)

Chi Seng had a bucket of boat trash...literally. Eh, that wasn't really a joke since it was written as that in the menu!

Bucket of Boat Trash: this certainly does not look like trash

The dish is made up of lobster tail (if not mistaken), shrimps, bites of fishes and fries in a bucket (which took a lot of space), accompanied by melted butter, some sauce and coleslow.

The dish was quite good, a bit salty too but not as salty as the Cajun Shrimp, and although it looks like it's small portion, it was quite filling.

Cawan Milo had the Bourbon Street Baramundi which was better than the previous two dishes. I like the presentation of this dish. =)

Bourbon Street Baramundi: full of fish and shrimps!

I had some crab-stuffed shrimps which was served with rice AND garlic butter(or was it just butter?) and coleslow. Now, I really don't get why they would serve rice and bread at the same time. Either one would be just fine in my opinion.

"I'm Stuffed!" Shrimp which really stuffed me

Although I liked the crab-stuffed shrimp in garlic sauce which went well with the rice, it made me sick quite fast since the dish was topped with cheese somemore. And the rice was hard so after a while I just couldn't take it anymore and just focused on the shrimps. Plus, the dish was quite salty too!

We also tried the Strawberry Speckled Lemonade which was sweet and very sour at the same time, topped with preserved strawberries. The first few sips was so sour that I didn't like it but after that, the flavour of the strawberries came through, and thankfully it was a pleasant drink.

I have no idea why some of the food was quite salty, either they accidently overdosed them with salt, or the cook was not in a good mood, or maybe, the food are supposed to taste like that! =O I am not so keen on going back to Bubba Gump again, but there are more things to try so I will give it another go (or two) before deciding to ever abadon that place again. Price-wise, there's nothing much to say. Our bill came to about RM165 (including the 5% government tax and 10% service charge) with the Cajun Shrimp being the cheapest at RM20.90 and Bucket of Boat Trash the most expensive (talking bout our bill for that night here) at RM42.90.

(Note to readers: I apologise for the bad quality photos, I hatehatehate the lighting in Bubba Gump, made everything darker than it already was. And I am not a pro when it comes to editing photos, so forgive me, k?)

I shall end this post with 2 photos of Christmas decorations at The Street in The Curve. Have a nice day folks!

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