Friday, December 26, 2008

My Little Christmas

Had a small Christmas barbeque on the eve at my place here in KT.

It rained. Thankfully it wasn't so heavy.

Food-wise, we didn't prepare much. Just some lightly marinated chicken parts, nuggets, fries, fried rice and beer+sprite and cognac+coca-cola for drinks.

Oh, not forgetting, I tried making bread pudding! *bangga sekejap* But it was my first try, and I can't remember how bread pudding is supposed to look or taste like. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't as good as Cawan Milo's. *kebanggaan hilang* Although I have yet to try hers.

before baking

during baking

pengembangan (luar biasa) yang telah mempanikkan semua orang

end product

Ish, bangganya ambo.


Anyways, Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year!

the people who made it

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  1. omg. Bread pudding? Never heard it before. but looks yummy!! O_O wow. u must make for me also one day! ;P

    Merry Christmas! XD


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