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Christmas Set Meal at Secret Recipe, Kuala Terengganu

bodom Kenya Coffeepress hiding inside for EC

Was in Secret Recipe in Kuala Terengganu to celebrate one of those special ocassions with EC. Since there were no Tony Roma's, Sushi Zanmai, Pick n' Brew, Delicious, blablablayougetthepoint in KT, we had dinner there, wanting to spend some quality time away from our peers.

Surprisingly, in conjunction with Christmas, Secret Recipe is having a special Christmas Set Meal at RM25++ which consists of a starter of mushroom soup and free tapioca chips while the main dish can be chosen between Stewed Aussie Beef Steak and Pan Grilled Dory with Lobster Sauce while the drink offered is Appletiser Sparkling Juice (can have the grape one also if I'm not mistaken).

The Stewed Aussie Beef Steak is the latest main from Secret Recipe. I am not sure whether they will bring into the menu (since it's cheaper than the Lamb Shank) but I hope they do! Since its food choices are getting more boring. Been there too many times already that I stopped going to any of the franchises when I'm back in PJ.


Tapioca chips, which comes free with the set. The price is RM4 (so expensive!)

Mushroom soup. Can't remember what's the original price. Surprisingly it's not so bad. It's better than the one served in a particular pizza chain, where I feel that its mushroom soup is MSG-laced. However, this one is not THAT superfantastic. We suspected that they mixed it with some instant mushroom soup.

Stewed Aussie Beef Steak, priced at RM18 if you want to order separately.

The beef steak was also surprisingly good. At RM18, the dish comes with a thick slice of beef, complete with fats which made EC very, very happy. The meat was not hard to cut as it is flaky after some stewing. The sauce (light black peppery), although simple, goes well with the beef. Will be ordering it again and hope it stays in the menu!

Curry Seafood Laksa, RM15.50

The Curry Seafood not part of the set meal. =P It is one of my favourite food in Secret Recipe and one of the best curry noodles I've ever eaten. I am picky when it comes to curry noodles, I like mine spicy, thick with less santan, filled with loads of bean sprouts and served with a good sambal! This laksa certainly does not disappoint, the thick gravy is cooked with dried shrimps, giving me something to chew on while I guiltlessly slurp the soup. They were generous with prawns - fresh ones indeed, and the were quite a number of cuttlefish rings. For small eaters, never fear, the amount of noodles are less than the soup and bean sprouts, so you do not have to worry about overstuffing yourselves, unless you slurp the gravy til there are no droplets left in the bowl. =P The accompanying sambal goes well with the dish, you can choose to savour it slowly with every bite of noodles or you can just dump everything into the laksa. =D Just by typing this, I'm salivating eventhough I had just finished dinner.

We ended our dinner with a slice of Hazelnut Cheese, currently Secret Recipe's Cake of the Month. Tasted like Forrero Roche, filled with hazelnuts and hazelnut-flavoured cream cheese, it was not impressive. Since I dislike Forrero Roche. Haha.

Hazelnut Cheese, RM6.50 per price

Although I find the prices in Secret Recipe have increased much since my schooling days, once in a while it does not hurt my purse to go there for some nice dinner.. since there's no other place for me and EC to go for expensive dinners. =P

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  1. wa...when seeing all the food picture here really make me feel hungry la....hahahaha..wish to go there if got chance....


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