Monday, December 01, 2008

Kemaman Coffee Shop, Kuala Terengganu

Decided to skip lab today after Feli and Kristen told us that UMT was under water surrounded by water and they couldn't get through into campus. So we went out for breakfast at Hot Hot instead, went driving around KT to look for banjir, "hung out" in a workshop as EC got his car engine belts changed and drove back home for some nap.

Cold weather dem kao syiok to sleepla wei.

Yesterday night we went to have dinner at Kemaman Coffee Shop before sending Mun Yee off to the bus station. Read a review of the place here about its char kuey tiaw and tuna toast so was quite gastronomically (is there such a word?) curious to try.

across the road punya view

It looks like an ordinary kopitiam unlike those kopitiam franchises, with an extension outside, where all the food are prepared. We noticed that most customers there had a plate of char kuey tiow in front of them so it must be the best selling item.

the menu

It does not have much food to offer besides some buns, toasts, sandwiches, 4 fried dishes and nasi lemak Terengganu. Almost 70 percent of the menu is made up of the drinks. =P

Kopi Susu (Milk Coffee or Coffee Susu in the menu), RM1 per cup, RM1.30 for glass

EC said that the coffee susu was quite good, however Yen Lin found the iced coffee too sweet, and I have no comments on the iced coffee.

Iced Coffee/Kopi Peng, RM1.60

Tuna and Vege Sandwich, RM4.50

The tuna and vege sandwich contained slabs of tuna in creamy mayonaise with tomatoes and cucumber slices in three slices of toasted bread, this dish was favoured by the four of us. I like the crunchy toast and the filling was quite good since generous amount of mayonaise was used. However, I prefer my sandwiches cold so I do wish that the filling was a bit.. colder.

Penang Char Kuey Tiaw, RM3.50 per plate

The char kuey tiaw was quite a disappointment since it smelled really good. Although it was fried in some sort of special sambal, it was quite tasteless for me that even no amount of soy sauce thrown into it could enhance the taste. It had the wok hei taste, but again, it wasn't salty enough for me, Mun Yee and Yen Lin. On the other hand, EC quite liked it, so I guess it's really up to a person's tastebuds. The dish had no seahams and pieces of chicken, but filled with eggs, fishcake slices and some prawnsla.

Singapore Fried Bee Hoon, RM4

Again, another tasteless dish, and weird enough to be called Singapore Fried Bee Hoon (SFBH). I thought SFBH are generally orange in colour or colourless, and tasted sweet and sour. However, this one looked like it was fried with soy sauce or black sauce. Masih tiada rasa. Even when Mun Yee laced it with soy sauce, still tasteless. The portion was bigger than the char kuey tiaw though, and generously filled with eggs and capsicums.

Either the shop ran out of salt or it was quite stingy with salt.

The funny things is, when we went up to the counter to pay, there was a table filled with a tray containing bottles of tomato and chilli sauces, and soy sauces and peppers. So, I guess, we had to self-servicely enhance our food taste.


In conclusion (chewahhhh), I would not mind coming back again to try some other toasts for teatimes, but not definitely not go back there during mealtimes.

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  1. ooh! i know a place with nice char kueh tiaw in china town. it's seriously nice, as long as the uncle is the one cooking it. it was the shop that used to have that famous uncle selling the fruit juices before he moved to town city.

    another place behind the store (seriously, the shop lots behind it, not the hawker stalls) makes nice char kueh tiaw in the mornings. ask for the sambal that usually comes along with the prawn mee to go with it. *lol* the prawn mee and curry mee there is rather nice too.


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