Thursday, November 20, 2008

Satu OK Batu. Saya sudah FREE.

Pardon for the funny blog title.

The 5th semester of my degree officially ended in the conjunction with my last examination paper, which was SFZ 4901 Seminar dan Kaedah Penyelidikan. It was not a hard paper I must say, was all about memorising research methods, scientific methods, thesis writing.. etc. But I hard trouble vomiting what I read the previous night because I had the same verse of a song playing over and over and over again in my head.

Gosh, it was sssssoooooooooooo annoying! There I was, sitting for an examination, and my head kept playing the song instead of the definitions of basic and applied researches and other nonsense. And mind you, the same verse!

I must e-mail ONE OK ROCK to complain.

For making me suffer during the last paper.

For letting their songs play over and over and over again in my head.

For letting their songs play over and over and over again in my playlist.

Yesh, I have a new obsession. In a form of a band. 5 young lads (younger than me!), hailing from Japan. A ROCK band. A band calling themselves ONE OK ROCK.


Now, any ordinary people will pronounce the name above one word by one word right? Like one, ok, rock.

But that's not the way you pronounced it.

EC guessed it correctly when I asked him to guess.

How would you pronounce it?

All will be revealed in one of the next posts.


Just wanna wish you all Happy Holidays!

Well to those you have just finished their exams, their final semesters and the likes.


I can't believe it
I can't understand
I don't know what to do
I don't know what to do
- エトセトラ et cetera, ONE OK ROCK


  1. one ok rock, ROCKS! XD
    hahaha. seriously the song played while ur doing exam?? I guess ur obsessed with them already now! ;D Et Cetera is a really ..mysterious song to me. XD maybe cus of the PV.

    btw, RE-LINK me! ;D I changed my blog.

  2. Haha.. Damn sad right? I found the lyrics though, it's like a broken hearted sort of songla.

    So unexpected.


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