Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hujan O Hujan

It started raining heavily yesterday around 3pm. At the beginning of the day, i put my samples out for some sunbathing, however the Sun wasn't around to bathe my samples. Being the optimist (ya ka?) i was and thinking that it wouldn't rain like the previous day, i was determined to get my samples all bathed up for 5 hours!

Unfortunately, it started drizzling around noon and i had to give up. Followed EC to campus since he was sitting for an exam while i need to return some books to the library.

And then RAIN came.

"eh eh, bukan saya!"

Yeah. Fortunately it wasn't him, or else Yng Jiun would have gone crazy. =P

It rained so damn freaking heavily that I couldn't see the FPE from the library! Although it lightened up when I went to KT for dinner, the rain became heavier again once i reached home (ohsodamnlucky) and it went on raining until the clogged drains were filled with rainwater and even my toilet bowl were filled half-full.


This was the closest we could get to flood currently during this monsoon:

Hebat tak?

Luckily it didn't flood. If not what's gonna happen to all my things. Dahla i sleep on a mattress on the floor.


Although the rain is actually a kind of compensation for us after the hot weather season, it's getting a bit.. menyusahkan. Clothes are getting harder to dry, kena guna standing fan to blow-dry.

I hope the rain will stop for a while. Or maybe just come once in awhile. If not I'm gonna have trouble with my FYP. =(

P/S: Initially, I wanted to post this in Malay, but then I couldn't find any good words to use. Maybe next timela. Hohoho.


  1. oh, your area didn't flood? ours had 2 inches of water!!! and it was all going down one way (towards the PS's house and beyond!) :p

  2. hmm.. not sure how high the water was, but around our ankles i think.. =P

  3. omg. Kind of shocking to see Rain's picture in your blog. ;P

    O_o Wow. banjir~~ can mandi. :D

  4. Lene: Haha.. yesh, very the shockingleh! I can't believe it myself either! =P


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