Sunday, November 09, 2008


I turned 22 yesterday.

I didn't get to blow any candles, unlike the previous 21 years of my life. (eh, why sound so sad wan?)

On the eve, after our second paper which was BBA3202 Academic Writing Skills (kena tipu yeh! yeh! *course joke*), we headed to Kemaman for a seafood dinner at Restoran Kemaman again. This time we ordered:

stuffed crab, RM7 per piece

garlic butter prawns, RM7 per prawn

stir-fried cabbage

fried cuttlefish (sotong goreng)

The garlic butter prawns were not as good as the buttered prawns we ordered the last time me and EC were there: it had some bitter taste, which i reckon due to the chopped garlic. The flavour of the butter was quite evident when I took a bite off the prawn. However, i still prefer the restaurant's buttered prawns.

The sotong goreng was wonderfully delicious when eaten with the chilli sauce meant for the baked stuffed crabs. Somehow the flavour of the sauce was enhanced with each bite of the sotong, which is quite tender, and had a hint of sesame oil if i was not mistaken. A must-order the next time I go there.

In addition, we ordered some keropok sotong (cuttlefish crackers) after observing other customers ordering it. We had to buy a bag and was given a choice either to fry all and bring back the leftover fried ones or fry half packet and bring back the other half for self-frying.

keropok sotong (sotong crackers), RM19 per packet

one piece is quite huge!

close up, can you see bits of sotong? cannot ah? too bad~ then.. heehee

The sotong crackers tasted like normal prawn crackers and the flavour of the cuttlefish is not too strong. However, it makes a good snack and we couldn't resist munching the leftovers we brought home. And besides cuttlefish crackers, the restaurant also sells fish crackers and prawn crackers.

seems like they don't stock up that much, eh?

After dinner, we stopped by the new Mesra Mall in Paka, on our way back to KT. And boy i'm glad we did! Because...

Starbucks! Wheeeee!~

Mesra Mall is way better than the Giant hypermarket in Kuala Terengganu in terms of their shops. Currently there are The Body Shop, Guardian, Focus Point, Big Apple Donuts and Coffee (amazing! in Terengganu!), Giordano, Royal Sporting House (or was it something else?), Secret Recipe and etc. Although it is just a small mall, it was definitely exciting to be there. If only it wasn't a 2-hour drive away from KT. =(

I had Starbucks Toffee Nut Frappucino while EC had his usual Caffe Mocha. We tapau-ed a Hazelnut Chocolate Muffin after much persuasion from one of the friendly barristas, who was sent to work in Mesra Mall til January next year.


hee hee

Heated up the muffin for breakie and it was delicious! Hehe.. Generous number of hazelnuts and chocolate chunks, as good as my all-time favourite Banana Chocolate Muffin. However, if i were to choose, i still <3 the Banana Chocolate Muffin! =D

Hazelnut Chocolate Muffin from Starbucks, RM5.90 (before tax)

For my birthday dinner, we had dinner in Secret Recipe, of course! =D

Although, it was quite a quiet birthday (whattodo? exam season..), i still enjoyed myself, except that it was unfortunate that we received a shocking news on the death of the Head of Physical Sciences, Professor Dr. Senin bin Hassan, around yesterday evening. I extend my condolences to the family and may he rest in peace.

So shocking.

Anyways, before I end, I would like to say thank you for all the birthday wishes and presents, and may God bless you all 24/7! *muaks*

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  1. now i know what to order when i go there! haha. planning to go kuantan this hols during one of the weekends la... along the way plan to stop by kemaman. muahahaha~

    will you guys be around during the hols or going back?


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