Saturday, August 09, 2008

I. Don't. Get. It.

I don't get why that we have to use passive form of sentences for reports. For example, in Industrial Training (IT) reports.

I mean, I'm having trouble explaining what I had been doing for that period of 12 weeks and what I had gained from the whole stint.

We were told by our IT coordinator that we cannot use sentences such as, "I learn to.. blablabla" or "What I had learnt was.. yadayadayada" but instead we have to use sentences like those we used in explaining methodologies for experiments.


The polyethylene terephthalate sample was inserted into a materials testing machine to test the tensile strength.

Okay. Let me try something. Instead of writing, say,

I learnt how to waste time in the office during my internship.

I should write this instead:

During intership, the methods of wasting time in the office were learnt.

Fuh. That was hard. Man, why the frog do we have to do all these reports?! And don't you people think that the freaking sentence above just sound so freaking funny?!!

I'm having writer's block. Or reporter's block. Or student's block.

Shiit-take mushroom betol la.

And I'm so tired with all the running today. Will blog about the treasure hunt one of these daysla. But not much pictures were taken. Hmmph. Spoil.

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