Monday, August 18, 2008

Lee Chong Wei.

I watched my first full badminton match yesterday. And it was the Beijing Olympics 2008 Badminton Men Singles' Final match between the 1st and 2nd seeds players in the badminton world list: LIN Dan of China and Malaysia's very own Chong Wei LEE.

Thank you McDonald's!

It was a nerve-wrecking game. When both players entered the court, I saw LIN Dan with his bulging muscles, steadily walking in, with the Chinese crowd cheers echoing in the hall, followed by Chong Wei, who looked HALF of LIN Dan's size.

Dielor, I said to myself. This Jay Chou look-alike so dem dai chek.

First set, LIN Dan took control of the game. But Chong Wei fought hard. When he got his first point, I shrieked, and everyone laughed. Gosh, I swear I wanted to cry then and there. Seriously. It ended with 21-12. And I had faith that Chong Wei could catch up in the 2nd set.

However, to Malaysia's dismay, Chong Wei admitted defeat and played horribly (not so badlar). He succumbed to most of LIN Dan's tricks, from playing very close to the net and tricking Chong Wei into another side of the court, only to smash it to the opposite side.

LIN Dan was really fired up.

Poor Chong Wei. It was sad that we couldn't hear much, "Lee Chong Wei, jia yoh!" Even if there was, it was pretty much drowned by all the Chinese's cheers for LIN Dan.

I was not SO disappointedla. I was happy that it turned out to be a good game. And I enjoyed it because I knew Chong Wei did try his best to win Malaysia's first gold.

But maybe it wasn't meant to be won by him.

Anyways, congratulations on your SILVER medal, Mr. LEE, and i hope it will inspire others to strive for their bestest.


Will blog on Redang trip one of these daysla. Now lazy. Will leave you a teaser though.


Sunrise at the beach of Redang Bay Resort, Pulau Redang, at 0703 hours

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  1. tu la ween, aimi ade cakap u pegi redang seblom kami.. sob2.. sampai ati.. hehehe ;p

    nways, cpat2 update psl redang! promoteeee sket. if not takmo twon tganu. haha


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