Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I can't believe it's August already! =O

Selene is back from Scotland finally and ChiChimon Seng touched down from Aussie yesterday and gave me a surprise call this morning with his new handphone number.

"Hello Wee Nee. Ingat tak siapa ni?"
"Rasa macam kenal..tapi tak taula.... CHIIII SEEENNNGGG! *screams*"

Haha. It was so funny that I couldn't recognize him instantly. =P

Anyways, my life currently consists of going through the same activities daily:

Going to classes.
Pondering what's for breakfast.
Pondering what's for lunch.
Pondering what's for dinner.
Doing laundry.
Thinking of places to eat.
Looking for videos to watch.
Looking for mOovees movies to watch.
Science Direct. Science Direct. Science Direct. which leads to
Journals. Journals. Journals.

I have finally settled my FYP. Though the title is still under construction, I'm sticking to PETla. Senang sikit. And somemore no one else is doing.

Ah! First test tomorrow. Mathematical Physics. Physics Mathematics.

Oh-kay, somebody PLEASE translate Fizik Matematik for me, boleh?


  1. ahaha our activities almost the same lah! FYP is seriously HELL!

    few months to go for me~ hee~

    gd luck ween!

  2. Stupid Chi Chi did the same to meeeee!! Evil bugger =P Will be meeting him tonite for dinner. Wish you were ere!


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