Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Weekend gathering~

So. I basically fong fei kei-ed (lepaskan kapal terbang, lose flight.. ???) four lovely girls for a weekend Malacca trip to catch up with my uni friends.

I would like to apologize profusely to Aimi, Liyana, Azrin and Mai for fong fei kei-ing you all. Next time you girls see me, please do not hesitate to pinch or bite me.

Before meeting up with our uni mates, me and EC decided to have some "us time", so we went to One Utama for a nice breakfast and a movie.

We picked Pick n' Brew for breakfast thanks to their Pick n' Win promotion and some good reviews off other flogs.

Pick n' Brew

I had the American Breakfast set, which consists of slices of fruits (namely green apple and honeydew here), a glass of orange juice, toast with jam and butter AND a delicious banana walnut muffin!

Pick n' Brew American Breakfast

However, this is only the first part of the set. The next part which I forgot to take photo of, consists of toast, eggs (I had mine scrambled), beef bacon and hash brown! It is the same as what EC had below:

Pick n' Brew Anystyle Farm Eggs

Anystyle 2 Farm Eggs Breakfast set. The eggs can be cooked as you like them, and EC had his poached and he opted for chicken sausages instead.

We were quite satisfied with our hefty breakfast (comes with tea or coffee) which was quite cheap. Our bill totalled up to RM33 (including 10% service charge, no government tax surprisingly) but thanks to their Pick n' Win promotion, we had RM10 off and only paid RM23! =D The staff who served us was quite friendly and attentive so yay!

Pick n' Win
Must thank our lucky stars!

After breakie, we went for a movie at GSC. Oh! Oh! While lining for the tickets, I saw KampungBoyCityGal lining up for a movie as well! =)

"Oh my goodness! Why is he here? Somebody, call the paparazzi! Or the ambulance, in case he passed out.."

By the way, we didn't watch Hancock. We watched Get Smart instead, which was quite funny. Anne Hathaway kicked ass as Agent 99. I thought it would be a ridiculous-stupid humouristic kind of show since it is supposed to be a spy spoof (read that somewhere) but thank goodness for the action scenes, which were quiet cool. So, pegi tengok k?

After the movie we walked around awhile and had tea in The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf before picking up Dwight, his friend Ken Fee (sorry if it is incorrectly spelled) and Alex to meet up with the others at Lookout Point.


I never been there before so I didn't know what to expect. The two restaurants there were crowded with customers and I must say, although the food weren't so appetizing for me, the view of KL at night was breathtaking. Pity that they did not prepare a nice place or viewing since a lot of people were there to take photos. I can only manage this with my phone:

Scenery from Lookout Point

We rushed to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to go up on the famous or infamous Eye on Malaysia, which is the 2nd time for me. We got ourselves a private gondola to fit 7 of us (minus Dwight and Ken Fee) which costed RM100. Were quite disatisfied since supposedly AMEX card members could get 10% off, but since the girl at the ticket booth lacked enthusiasm to explain why we couldn't get the discount (she was mumbling and I suppose the booth is sound-proof), we paid cash. Hmmph.

Alex, BK, MY and Ken
Alex, Bee Kee, Mun Yee and Ken

Bee Kee: Phhwoooaarrrr..
Yen Lin: *blur blur mode*

The last photo is the sound-proof ticket counter/booth. =P

We stayed for some phototakings til the guards halau-ed us out of the place at 12-somthing am. =P

The next day, EC excitedly brought us out to breakfast in Kedai Makan Yut Kee, a place where his father used to take him to, somewhere in KL. Quite near to KL Tower I must say.

This is the result of chickening out from crossing to the other side of the road to snap photos of the shop although the road was clear

The shop it seems, is famous for its Roti Babi which EC ordered. The Roti Babi is made up of finely shredded pork and onions stuffed inside bread, hence, the name.

YK Roti Babi

Looks a bit like murtabak isn't it? Unfortunately, the famous Roti Babi didn't go down well with mela. It has a sweet taste but somehow it lacks.. urm.. punch? =P And expensive at RM7.50. EC also admitted that it was not as it used to be. I felt bad because he was really excited about the dish since he never failed to suggest going for breakie there every weekend but I always tolak-ed.

YK Pork Chop

Since EC claimed that it was unofficially the Eat Pork Day, I had the Pork Chop. I like the texture of the meat because it wasn't tough but the sauce was tasteless that I drowned it with Lea Perrins sauce AND soya sauce! =/ The cold drinks served that day were also a bit watered down but EC's kopi was gao! =/

YK Lum Mee

Lum Mee that Mun Yee had. I could not recall her comment on it but the sambal that came with it was good and spicy! The sambal also came with the fried rice which Dwight ordered and he commented positively on it too.

Yut Kee
Yen Lin had chicken porridge, Bee Kee had half-boiled eggs with toast and Alex had pork porridge laced with A LOT white pepper. Well, he did it himself. =P

Yut Kee 1
Alex must be very high of white pepper. Ken makan-ed fish porridge. Mun Yee battling her Lum Mee.

Yut Kee 2
EC and well-missed Roti Babi. Ken Fee with his Chicken Chop. Dwight splashing Lea Perrins on his fried rice. Mesti takde rase.

We left breakie for a nice Japanese lunch in Ichiban Boshi, Pavilion with Pui Tze. Although, I did not get any chance to take photos of the food, this place will be visited again definitely. Famous for its handmade soba, the Tempura Seiro (RM18) dish (cold soba dish with tempura veges and prawns) was really satisfying and it was definitely the best soba I had ever tasted! =D

If only they have branches in other malls...

Oh well, will end this post with a final photo of people who gathered for the weekend. Til then, have a nice day!

Ichiban Boshi!
Thank you all for the great weekend, and hope to meet up again!


  1. it's okay ween, theres always next time. Redang pulak kan? hehe

    the breakfast set nampak sungguh sedap!

  2. aiyar shy lar..hope u din caught us picking our nose or what

  3. chicz: hehe.. yesh! Redang trip! I shall wait for you all to plan! =P

    kampungboycitygal: haha.. luckily you didn't.. if not sure take photo already! =P

  4. When will we meet again? (So that I can pinch/gigit2 you)
    All the pics were meant to make you jealous hehe...


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