Thursday, July 10, 2008

U hu! hu!

U hu hu.

It has never been used as an exciting exclamation isn't it?

Usually, one uses "u hu hu" to display their sadness or disappointment over an issue or issues. Here are some examples which I can think of:

"U hu hu.. my phone fell down inside the drain.. uwwwaaaahhh.. *cries loudly*"

"U hu hu.. I fat aledi lerrr..."

"U hu hu.. I failed my paper.. Dielor, my parents sure tapau me.."

"U hu hu.. my boyfriend dun sayang me anymore.. u hu hu.. *cries dramatically*"

.. and the sorts.

However, now we can use "u hu hu" in a positive way because of The Loaf's range of yummylicious cheesecakes,

U hu! hu! Let's Say Cheese (^u^)v

The Loaf is a Malaysian bakery which uses Japanese baking techniques (wahsey, must like that one ah?) and the first outlet is situated in.. Langkawi Island!

However, don't worry, The Loaf is also available in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur! The one in Pavilion (look for Coach and you shall find it) is a 2-storey (level 3 and 4) shoplot which holds the bakery in the lower ground while a cafe/bistro is at the top floor! Or is it the other way round? Hmmm..

I first read about the yummylicious cheesecakes from masak-masak's review but never really thought of trying until I had a sample of Ken's purchases of Durian Obsession and Glitzy Strawberries during Weekend Gathering! After that I told EC that I had to get them no matter what! =P

I ended buying a box of 6 since they were having those devillishly tempting "buy 5 free 1" promotion and so I succumbed to temptation and bought a box!

However, I must use the very depressing "u hu hu" phrase here since my family members weren't so interested in the cheesecakes and up til today, there's still one flavour left rotting away in the fridge! So sayang.. I gave Caramelised Heartiness to EC yesterday and he ate a little for brunch this morning. A little because he said that the cheesecake tasted bitter and hard so therefore, he decided to discard it. Oh, and I agreed because I would not want him to get tummyegg ache.


Okay. On the bright, sunny side the cheesecakes are definitely yummylicious. Although they cost RM5 each, I will not hesitate to go and buy them again! Soft, fluffy and creamy.. having each bite transported me to heaven for a while, to short of a time for me to actually realize how heaven looks like actually! =P

Harmonious Green Tea has a a little bitter taste and it has the cannot-forget-wan green tea scent which you can always smell when indulging in green tea ice cream or Starbucks' green tea frap. Tangy Lemon has a delightful creamy sour taste, while Refreshing Longan surprises you with the fruits themselves, hidden in the cake. Durian Obsession is well, yeah.. If you like Secret Recipe's Durian Durian or Big Apple Donut's Duren Duren, go get it, k?

I have Luxurious Chocolate left in the fridge and I bet it is still untouched. Until I say so.


Anyways, here is the link for all the flavours available and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

LoOking forward to try some of The Loaf's pastries and other goOdies as well some day.

Til then, have a nice day!


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