Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Let's apply a little tension to ease the stress

Even though my period for this month is nearing its end, or ended already, I still have pimples popping up on my face these few days.

Stress is the culprit I dare say.

Although I am at the 11th week of my Industrial Training, and I will be "graduating" from it in less than two weeks' time, I am actually dreading going back to complete the 3rd and final year of my degree.

Why you ask?

Hmm.. I am supposed to be on holiday or semester break like the one I had after my first year in uni. However, my studies required me to undergo 12 weeks of Industrial Training after the 2nd year and thus, depriving me from any social activities that I would like to be engaged in.

From there, I can hardly go out on weekdays which left me with an option of going out only during weekends, which of course, spelled trouble since generally, everywhere is packed during weekends.

Working life sure suck yo.

Furthermore, the reason that I dread going to uni is because I believe that I had insufficient rest after a gruesome year.

Anddddd.. going back to uni for these last two semester will be a little sad affair for me but I am not going to tell you the reason for now. It's P&C.

Besides the nonsense above, here are the reasons why I am a little stressed nowadays:

a) I'm fat. No wait, I AM fat. Now, I'm getting fatter!
b) It is the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival, but I don't have much purchasing power to indulge in some... purchasing.
c) I want a car.
d) I would like to spend some more time with EC.
e) I haven't been meeting up with my friends, so I'm feeling a little guilty.
f) I have some worries about a certain issuela.
g) I have to start packing for uni and I don't know what/how to pack.
h) I need more clothes.
i) I want to stay at home.

Okay. Stop! Stop!

I shall stop complaining and combat the pimples effectively with my Clean & Clear pimple treatment cream, which more or less is not working for me anymore.

And I can't wait for Industrial Training to end. It's just awfully.. boring.

I like this:


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