Monday, July 07, 2008

U kiasu, I kiasi. I kiasu, U kiasi.

EC gave me a good quote last week by Nido Qubein (visit his website here), who is according to Wikipedia, a motivational speaker and the president of High Point University, a private liberal arts university is North Carolina, USA.

It goes like this:

Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people.


According to the quote above, I am one of the losers actually. *shy shy* But I am not so kiasulah. At times when I am frustrated, I can get very kiasu, but I am not kiasi.

(Kiasu = scared to lose, Kiasi = scared to die, and notice how the grammar of the sentence is just damn wrong and is an insult to my language abilities)

Anyways, I will not deny that I have seen a lot of kiasu-ness in my life. I don't have to look so far, I can just look at the place where I am studying now.

People do compete to be the best of the best (or the bestest of the best?) and sometimes, this act of competing can sometimes cause troubles among good friends and, aided with some backstabbing here and there and voila! You get fake friends!


Walau bagaimanapun, I do hate the kiasu side of myself. But I dare say I have not done any harm to other people. I share tips when I get any (don't believe?) and try to help my friends when I am able to do assignments. And I am so thankful that I have friends who do the same even without me asking.

But this excessive acts of kiasu-ness have got to gola.

Do you know that it can get really frustrating when you are constantly being compared with other people?

And some kiasu people are so ridiculous, going, "*sigh* so goodla you, no need study so much oso can score" or "*sigh* so goodla you, finish studying so fast".

I mean what the frogla people. No individuals are the same. Even twins are different(Trust me, I had met upon 2 sets of twins in my studying life).

Competitions should be carried out and experience healthily, with joy and laughters and light pokings.

They should not bring out the worst of people.

But who are we to determine the characters of people?

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