Friday, July 04, 2008

Charmed or not?

Brace yourselves for another post on food!

Went to Charms Cafe in One Utama since I was having cravings for curry noodles. Since I had tried its Charms Laksa once and kind of liked it, I dragged EC to the cafe for dinner on Tuesday.

Charms Rojak
We started with a plate of overpriced Charms Rojak which has slices of mango, cucumber and sengkuang in rojak sauce with some keropok. Although I like the keropok very much, I was turned off slightly by the pricela. RM8.50 is damn expensive for a plate of rojak weh.

Charms Green Curry Noodles
I opted for the Green Curry Noodles. Although it may not look green in this photo, but trust me, it is green! And the portion is quite big too at RM10.90! It has bits of cuttlefish, chicken, beansprouts, brinjals, lemongrass, cucumbers etc which reminds me of laksa sometimes. Quite a nice bowl of noodles for me!

EC took the Nasi Lemak Special which costs RM10.90.

Charms Nasi Lemak

which comes with a small bowl filled with three pieces of rendang chicken!

Charms Nasi Lemak's Chicken Rendang

The rendang chicken is tender and satisfactory, while thumbs up for the fragrant rice. However, I must say BOO to the sambal ikan bilis. Such a small dollop! And the ikan bilis tastes.. sweet! Y'know, like the ikan bilis snack you can get in the supermarket- crunchy and sweet. =(

We spent ALMOST RM40 with a glass of cincau soya as drink. Hmmph.

Yesterday we went to Sunway Pyramid's Sushi Zanmai to feast on:

Sushi Zanmai Yakiniku Don
Yakiniku Don - RM10.80 for small

Sushi Zanmai Caterpillar Roll
Caterpillar Roll - RM12.80
Sushi Zanmai Salmon
3 pieces of salmon - RM6.00

I *heart* the Yakiniku Donla. So happy with it. If only they put in more slices of beef. Next time eat the large serving onela. Hee.
Caterpillar Roll was my 1st avocado-eating experience. I never knew that avocado is soft! I had always thought it has texture like a half-ripe mangoes. Tapi saya tertipu! There's unagi inside this roll but I don't like it as much as the Wasabillar Roll. No eyes for me to squash. =P
As for the salmon slices, thank goodness that it lacked fishy smell. But the slices are quite small so.. hmm..

We spent around RM37. And enjoyed dinner listening to a pair of Korean girls conversing over-so-excitedly in their national language while eating Chicken Katsu Udons. =D

That's all for today, will leave you all with a photo of The Soya Shop (located in Ikano Power Center, somewhere near Dairy Farm and Shihlin Taiwanese Street Snack)'s RM2.80Red Bean Tao Foo Fah which tasted weird for me. Although the tao foo fah were soft-soft, I just find the combination a bit weirdla. Ugh. Should have overload the whole thing with more syrup.


The Soya shop

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