Thursday, June 05, 2008

Going UP

The petrol price has indeed increased to RM2.70 starting from the midnight of 5th June 2008.

Unlike all the drivers who zoomed themselves to petrol stations and got themselves queued up in very long lines (which definitely caused traffic jams here and there), my father was not affected by the news at all and chose to stay at home, telling me, "You wait and seela, the petrol stations will sure announce their minyak habis already."

And true enough, during TV3's Buletin Utama, it was announced that some petrol stations claimed that they ran out of petrol.

I was amazed how my father could predict the news, and more amazed when he just shrugged and continued napping when I told him about the news in the evening.

He didn't care. As if he knew that it was going to happen, and everyone should just accept the news and continue living.

Or maybe it's because he barely drives nowadays, that's why he tak kisah.


But I do feel that 78 cents increase is too much, and it happened too fast.

sigh~ I guess now must limit myself from going out so muchla~


Orange Range has released their latest single titled O2 which also one of the opening theme of an anime called Code Geass.

I love the videolah. It's funny, wacky and hilarious! Wheeee~

In contrast with the other characters in the video, Orange Range's clothes are colourful! And they don't look like they belong to the era the video is set in! Hiroki is so cute with his Speed-like powers (notice that he made the snake gesture before they battle the bad people! Hilarious!), Ryo and Yoh were yeng as usual (i find their abilities the most normal), Naoto with his stoned face and dolls while Yamato's defeat-the-enemies-by-ringing-my-red-bell just proves that one need not move much to eliminate your enemies. Just ring the bell, annoy them and voila~ You win! Of course there's the risk of making your own allies go deaf (Hiroki, Naoto, Ryo and Yoh! The scene where they close the ears! Hahaha.. so funnyleh!)

I felt so happy after watching the vid and i couldn't stop humming to song nowadays. And it was so great to see their performance of the song at the MTV Video Awards Japan 2008!


Orenji Renji.. Hurrah!

Now if they were to make an appearance in MTV Asia Awards scheduled in Genting Highlands this year,



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